Monday, January 11, 2016

poem || Lawrence Upton

A tyrant speaks

nothing is careless
availability the centre

it occurred to drift
shift in overlap

though it may not otherwise
allow you to go

to produce something exposes
its self
without arrangement

i am interested still
after all this time
next year earliest

i am imagining you
but maybe that blocks your availability

the visual etc would be possible
the beauty of the past in the present
my only thing

i might just encourage people
to use words
contain inclusion

the centres of writing

crossing into words
clarity exposes somewhere

me one of words
all of the surroundings
so irritated by boundaries

one point now beginning
not reproducible
i am fairly happy with all without changing

the moment without preparation
the voices brief
doing extended
the remains of an artist doing there

the original i imagine
now of negation
language i am thinking
photos working musically

how close are we
texts claustrophobic
pull in the present

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