Monday, January 11, 2016

poem || John Pursch

Rockaway Farragut

Morning in another timeline, pasting columnar antipodes to bubble-gripped stellar interiors to hefty laudanum impact creator stereoscopes, producing sad effects on plight bowlers, sifting timed travelers for pocketed loose-leaf change contraption pastimes, chugging troubled sex-pack abs of deeper filling tooth compunction in mistaken roulette pecan philanderer to neuroscience glow regard, aboard encephalic arrogation pitcher wag refusal peat to streamlined slipper instep health to smiling mantle majesty of purity in alienated brood of ingot bread line winnowing to chafed appellate choir, sagging dryly on effulgent cocktail scrounger croon to cobbled elfin troubadour of doorstop tower locomotion.

Crowned the Queeg of Music Equine Pachyderm Equation Quake, she peels another slayer freely felt in pool hull itch petard ahoy carousal cry of “Hands low to chest-band self-projection carrying kitsch of blown parietal emancipation creed,” done to pallor-proven poop tick policies by spinning lunar core dapples of traceries of angle buckets filled to brimstone poplar britches, brewing gowned homeostatic phone papyrus welts in dime store favorite dosage quartz of Rockaway Farragut Cations of Ninety Novitiate Newsstand Promos, snapped every hour on the pouring grain’s flowering yeast in seaboard flecks of carbine haste or chaste recusal paraffin to stolid proxy orca krill.

“Bark at foggy bantamweights slowly, bilious believer,” bricks the balustrade of Beluga Bulova Bollocks, bolted serenely to bulkhead baseboard bread casket shingles of icy power movements in erstwhile mentality to inguinal repair.

Sutures glom and cavitate in surface tension stencil bait, forking fools for every utter bear of polar chord or dinette bladder folio when spliced reactive nougat thoughts emerge to challenge irreligious bonsai swords to scrape away patina healing.

Crime plies wan and dirty gray down sweaty shirtsleeve indoor arctic druggist storyteller cone to molded collocation grip, quizzing classical conductors in stupefied oration gauge of hovering clover.

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