Wednesday, December 30, 2015

text || Lawrence Upton

suspect responses
for voice and simultaneous viola
·        we are co-operating agents.
·        kind, have like, implying fact, fool say. oncoming giddy, his face it. you'll sick round her.
·        serious in every path pulled under; startled heavy began; first name; your body, a full unseen being, silent, all sense.
·        but I don't like to make, his time, for diameter smoothly; arms under theory, a getaway, sitting together, the tip too late.
·        nerves would come would run for heroes.
·        some moments unbeatable a mistake, if you can, exclusively, over the phone, to go where?
·        money, government, another, enough; our turn will follow air.
·        the gassy as quiet. looked rattled; and he was off. smash the dirty but smile.
·        wishing unstuck heart, any foul-up slipping, showing the fur.
·        young rendezvous would launch barely the warmth of her into sight.
·        to work as important as flat reading as crazy as a bathroom, unquote.
·        even, irrational; even irrational, helpless to exchange, anything possible.
·        flower in a mistaken dark, flickering after growing, and then glowing.
·        window? head worst. that's it, turned new matter with vowels in person.
·        a lip to have slip a latent paper; pity killings, late.
·        up and down all sorts of was pulled over to the listening with his disposal.
·        jealous in an important commendation, mob the terrain, over his calm; the wrong pin, too hard, he was leaning over.
·        swept edge of the dark, I'm air; the wound it wills feels numb; numbs.
·        something ends. only it? Inevitably.
·        long stare, no tomorrow, casually; allowing.
·        small sign stuck up shaking structures in tangent; chances were unblinking words.
·        we never enjoys where more simply housed then several properly.
·        like an intelligence. good soldiers in the breathing come. and he then was what went in the breathline.
·        normally used subject, fair and mild, a long pause, the light and lions, called off, fair and mild, sudden.
·        everyone no one; what was to be; I will tell you, passively.
·        stone window entirely telling.
·        stone window entirely telling.
·        he, being, the city, that, house himself where chums had life, every memorised had life, in of...
·        a war, a long war, that is a long war; he would have liked your method, if he is still alive, from the inner room, and went and left them, our mistakes, our... politics.
·        stains feeling such a bigger thought, a pest, but the; dog into thought, to love each, to be happy, into the living room.
·        he was, when was, but spiel, with past counter start time to same. hope.
·        speak, with wheels negotiable; thing society; your whole arm; making it bluff or speak.
·        thunder; and; all her life, all never.
·        going on, he whispered, the next shift, that night, that kind of time, loosening.
·        get the picture, among, his tongue, sweetheart, and pull the; the blue, needed, off her; you know, filled.
·        face made spotless roared in care voices at him unhealthy smile.
·        increasingly, all sorts of, in a haze.
·        fear self-justifying business, interrupting it.
·        he met both legs in English, a drunk man, or you get confused.
·        singing how awful, a hand out anyway, a sigh of, unscrewed.
·        moments him unbeatable mistake, whispered number, cack (handed) led, groaned simple enough.
·        delicate good, you elsewhere.
·        and it, war, murder, waiting armed, later.
·        light-headed are you familiar? are you familiar with that? of course you are. fronting for documentation. there's a hoodlum. investing in documentation. open the door.
·        any turn, any any turn, this here, that here, turn backward; let's get it over with; questioningly running the little believe it.
·        might dismissed not side were city votes, was, it was, an individual undoubtedly, works in a fit condition, the more to talk.
·        to come out, the bedroom, on my bed, like burnt rubber, out of her eyes, her head scorched, ruined into tears; and you'll feel better.
·        calmly a large one, the story of, himself.
·        to say half, colour it known, shaking, hoarsely "What is your name?".
·        really too bad the way I'll tackle the street, the ignominious safety, subsistence country.
·        dressing touches, attempt to laugh again, some her face don't edge.
·        such abundant hope. heal. night, an impossible. sing, melted of kindliness; like pity.
·        the north cloud, hours in the sea.
·        belligerence instantly complete; knew room in the right place, gasped with the weak the other man spluttered.
·        about abstractions, among homo sapiens, relieved, quick gloominess; did that leave? society? consider ends, loose and trailing.
·        offered shock of mind just chamber; the his, saw and were; I haven't enough; suddenly belonging; what flavour? chocolate; how would you like to be heroes?
·        and in good you recognised, and you recognised, head him congratulations of couldn't altogether, like the ever open pedagogue, glasses, usual offices, your other name.
·        warm, though anxious, though sniffed rubbish big! steam thought; continued at large, one story of themselves.
·        was had, killings, the make, no the make was precedent of truthfulness believed.
·        some distraction, no link; danced, the explanation inviolable and, therefore, inviolate, to be heard off-world.
·        he grinned ragged nature, dear satisfaction.
·        a break, an alibi (means alias), to be built something hot; Europa.
·        inconsiderable morning. time treasured with openness.
·        deliveries of force, naturally, underestimated.
·        he pressed, it does, and you, contorted tomorrow.
·        a thought controlled already there; and me for someone, answers for me, big, smilingly, good now.
·        think? now believe the money... I is one, I a talk; just anything into, flooding again; talk away.
·        sight, rusty sleep in hot, dry, flying, bedridden unhindered in his unconscious.
·        contentedly the cracked whirr.
·        almost she feeling, was time, was home; you can't do that; her mouth: the box tasted best, bury me in it, this instant, the box, her little voice learned time; a listening eye started, startled.
·        my grip, stopped quietly. my, his, heart, beat. beat! eyes said the long slow jolting.
·        forgetting silence.
·        waveless dazzling too whole; voice little, at last choking mind; departure becomes the journey, a forsaken curve, pointing.
·        here, afford me questioning; the shock of you yesterday gaseous, isn't it? say I would.
·        for another, disagreeable today, pressure wrong around wonder; nonsense briefcase; all fall in; the rubber air.
·        keep the time all, do a little time.
·        tell the rainbow: done; say: gone, coughing, and his grasping eye; dead wood spoke forms. tell us the form.
·        up forced will us another night, she filled overhead.
·        contempt... my voice... my presence... breath.
·        funny around you, toward light, the right thing, the credit.
·        money begins, my mind begins to cry, sick nerves and sanity, was not a man, when nothing else got time and thickly; I condition normal voice, our money is, describing, again, goes.
·        went good under things even now sterile if we suffocate; can't talk.
·        and telephone. happened? the house. horrified.
·        mystery well-made is attractive; thought, thought fact, fact; you; I; afraid, no, me mad; you know a word; you did.
·        possibilities, her face thinking goodbye, she wailed, it's gone, she said rapidly, and you constricted her, undressed and afraid altogether, and yelled, it really happened, but to whom?
·        flag, back to nearly forgotten; the smoke remembered, hope machinery.
·        understanding capital, violence hope, hidden without an expression, imprisoned the city to share.
·        drunk country, land talking, long table still in dark; destiny bad; blood quickly unbeaten.
·        the horse continually to hand, somewhere cool, tiles ot cloud, any chosen surrounding, paying the wise away.
·        a little English suspected for platitudes about everything, the incidents hopefully on occasion, the malice neglect; suspend the machismo.
·        bank a thought, was for his woman; was had with it, emotions; was frantic to him, was blindingly, whispered.
·        television sweat pulled the trigger; the money gave a small jerk of moved nerves to fetch him.
·        head seemed to the middle some slivers of the hand bleeding, lightly carbon, this way!
·        place trembled; pacified, broke; a lot of... friends... a lot of the world... it fades.
·        thinking but thinking enough? that innocence! to slow what was in mind; to come, stainless, I other, to panic, you're wearing a gun, aren't you? the little something to anything but of critical bitchy. what's that got to do with it?
·        second fear in ill-advised, to lie in, to grow up; minor friendship plausible; intently supplied to dangerous; a third engine; waved to his friends.
·        first words the first time encountered from the eyes, envy-destructive books, endless might and catch.
·        hard to remember, think of books; that's impossible because uneasily different; though jolly; the other.
·        better, skip it, rough, life.
·        behind before women believed, a lot of ruins, lacking his sight concealed, plenty of, intelligence, of course, in the trees.
·        nothing. why? what real self? were days to be important? I heard it... why you? the whole story, full of wholes.
·        set, afraid, not; thinking, me, chance; along silence; we all make our own I think; care; close something.
·        really waiting and almost impossible? impossible reasons. for me; a good remarked; to understand people, languages, languages I still don't understand, the truth here now in the happy.
·        what it takes was a man; this way there was all that's wrong with you; you're not running a few civilised dialogues; I wonder if you'd pick me up.
·        very heavily, breathing altogether, our tactics; drugged closely in the same tone, had employed, exclaimed, not blood.
·        polished bird clandestinely crammed into the air; a little shrine, exterior, houses thought, to buy with young men
·        thin his eyes.
·        did she could. voice enough, voice touch, candles her all. her would, and her would.
·        always you screamed. imagine her cut. you boasted, very you, reminding you cheerfully.
·        cold much at think I you. breathed doorway, most a pink. whole thing.
·        heels on the floor until quietly, quietly, wearily, unless she felt like it, and shouted: worms, worms; was full of everyone beginning to eat out of her empty hands. you know that. parts were them too. most. of her mouth.
·        earth the toy on its head, the necessary showing, the water come?
·        whole thing, be how it; had other funny; when other funny, another. she comes, sure as anything.
·        boxes rapidly enough parade through the ceiling. in the middle of.
·        wavers, sulky waivers; she brought a vacuum, seized the... it died with quietness. you can't do that.
·        quickly, small, through the house and street. splashing quick pretending, goodness dripping on the fine goodness, when she understood the situation. all? of them firmly refreshed.
·        always gave the vacuum running, she chanted. with yell of “suck,” perfume from another, went wiggling.
·        was a do, awful in voice; I don't know what's got into me, with a touch of administration.
·        big read highway like a steam thought.
·        words want sleeping about angry and think.
·        funniest the lights, reconstructed, lying amazed had pushed in barbs, figure precisely increased.
·        a small face, never interested, was looked for his battered shoulders.
·        on hard, answer for the moment: sunshine, yourself, room.
·        big read highway like a steam thought.
·        by name, tell other usually, his hand, breath large, the eyes destroyed.
·        daylight in the slack lips, craving.
·        eyes plausible and alive, say nothing, I am away.
·        was inside you and ran away; air house would, stood still the air, like the papers, the heat.
·        sun-glinting blazing ground, lightly killing a shout, the shout would be alive.
·        would talk to beasts. beasts had them. had them and weight altogether. dog a job of him.
·        there a fire, in for it, that she again, she receiver, she didn't want, the process we did everything; the voice toils tell the sort of person, I'm not sure.
·        to you wild horses try; cheap night.
·        standing in fixed enquiries, their question once was itself boundary heads crowd. customarily snowy.
·        better, all, you; before, no unwanted, himself; never and me? me?
·        thought key? house to have a key? that specified to she in complaints, she houses, one go and nowhere; made an attempt at fighting.
·        marching seemed sanity, the monstrous how of enigma when darkness gave its own darkness.
·        bodies lovingly tears, was over, quickly could love, really, sometimes dream, fears, instead of; the, the, the, a name; you know a hot worship; the release.
·        talked much had catching talking with the dead man, stroked it a moment.
·        passion strains my mirth; still head a knot, the knot my blood.
·        your writing she sensed into lines made ironic, so say your total could be heard and herded.
·        emptiness mutilated: talked the others, but long; she'd noise, she'd dropped on morning; up there, dope.
·        funniest from fell shot lose him was been turned, draped, and started only he well but day; he was he of he'd knows they'd whatever; too idle, or unfriendly instead in round.
·        down with his legs, appropriate, controlled him learning, the sky munched in exhaust, of hands like this.
·        missing logo pathetic strength; they come from ponds; crossed the fumbling lift open.
·        know we fortuned mind from the small fat hulk run, vanquished; belonging forced and did mix.
·        white, flesh, not unequal, clear red again, move! disappeared.
·        said got you; said you said got and you.
·        that home touching him away. talking fingers understand a dog. a windows. near rocks. a drink. was almost watching.
·        no state never hit irony, for years, too well, since with looking done big sense, hadn't? they couldn't.
·        into it the steps the path the dusk, those sometime airs remembered, only in mind, concentratedly unbearable, the garden dark over formidable under places.
·        to see by rising, laughter kissing something responded, pulling behind them, been them, began her languid phantom; cruel interruption stroked the he and she sigh to the talking on to her.
·        water standing in the warm gloom; his tongue, the more for, for a moment.
·        self knotted worst, soon; and them parts, I scream sight, the sky a torrents hills turn two grandeur; and that this wealthy, still way was seeing use.
·        behind like, and call, written petty, litter.
·        she went bomb serious hear nothing rattle, the paper folded, handful of not even not reading apprehensive.
·        like the street, the fiddled meaning for boredom, taking water he wanted.
·        the lift to nothing to the presumably expended energy; the trains, absolutely hedges.
·        but the air is used for sure; all passes, a bowl of courtesy.
·        perhaps down was dry shamed with somewhere under; trees; frozen road.
·        wiled practical eyes of guidance; tales before heaven; tomorrow, journey, poised; her tears.
·        her lips, my duties, could not relax, subservient, lonely, momentarily a skull.
·        was inside your goodbye he ordered, seem to, what I, plenty and you, large he, dreadful and rectangular.
·        dancing in the seen hands into stumbled on the floor, definite articles everywhere, with it, in a half-empty world, wind-engines reading brains, a hand from his lips, convulsed body, fight embarrassment.
·        blue; little stream. lived courtyard; running courtyard, all and besides, were light fury, last usually; old those, my spring; tied; hung; responses.
·        dead, hunch, pieces! old though, the blow! the fray, they flew at one, touches on lies.
·        covered all his out; we we squeeze we spread water; heart grieved; leaving, whispered lightness.
·        hastily, stop fever (in up) device (brother) out for endurance (and had her); to custom; that badly dead.
·        the sun rapidly lured burst into restrained will not be wasted, this man amiss.
·        better newspaper, better much stopped, talked, knew enough, pressed as big as matter to full breath.
·        turned male, fox, than I, changing the future always; every tell? dancers rhythm end long dance; a lover.
·        large painted snigger; the look roofline; forgotten as common as disappeared; seated wry, some profit, perhaps much may.
·        listening house, musical, comical, sing air; imagine smiles
·        they jaw, chill to (hand) fury; me so, the quick I; arm her; leave her be.
·        suddenly fearful in the silence, her hands closer, arms closer, over her and moved it, as he lingered on, tearing the flesh, was beginning to him again lingering him even almost went to her throat and she, harshness held back, pushed back.
·        pretty. pretty real. pretty real name. pretty real lied name. who'd forget that everything sincere. my hand? to keep a long time. remember herself.
·        read boozing she would and feared for the fire at her eyes began to eat.
·        long leg, stomachs too dance, exertion spreads upward, leaving the seen night.
·        a bowl of flame; a bowl of loveliness. a handful of her hair. natural to make in her enchanted wood, beckoning, I could look into making it flare, indentation barely, taken out different, her fingers.
·        silent, one hears, some families various now; yawn
·        into the body. the into body. one of in carrion. them. parched her; her the eyes, beyond half smiled, put his mouth on hers, drowning, joined while her his close deeply did not care, down, but this hunger, she left.
·        drew into a transport of each other; longing to move; intensity the world loose with hers and sleep came.
·        more? more you original? finally the accident to him give you, I thought. shaking his head to let them off easily. exchanged the accident. wondered what traded identities. let me introduce the shock
·        I, red dark phallus, my fingers, I watched in a child's mouth her name; old habit old son seemed indented for sure.
·        and the English opposite the floor, my coin, in round, tall men, stung here.
·        aching journeys, bunched in stale air; she did not sleep.
·        receive him. receive; him. receive each; other's each movement fire worked his lore and murmured against him, each removal she loved.
·        fill me in. behind that. someone. to meet. yourself or anything like. her nervousness. this can be her nervousness. turned sound.
·        me, the almost that it imagined, a willing, the boys yellowing, pure as scold, delicate a smile, rusty, to round each time, all round, though none else.
·        more? more you original? finally the accident introduces shock.
·        great food, fields, grey stone, mirrored thing; it flies the brain and frees muscle, singing.
·        room burst of giggles rising with gifts burned in hot sea her shrinking world.
·        hand took dry union, her face glitter is not curiously, betraying might, under the rough sun and wind.
·        a cup of coffee a kiss on the news. any familiar going on surprising.
·        sleepy looks; natural as grisly, ears mutilated; eyes change; what many call soul, imaginary, thinks.
·        spring brown body knew weeping to say, in the wearying pain, he could not speak; speak would, world hammering.
·        gates; jolted words; to doubt sleep-paced contented in her lap, the sea against the shore, all night I heard it, a bird in the grass.
·        the offer the breeze a heat; stood with the quick; weight, sir? shout richly behind the look.
·        a strand of red was obvious fact. oddly. at the glass. again. a frightening word.
·        the fair itself came and thoughts in hell by night-flying; none later days would name; in his fog.
·        his hands presented light, snow aloud by the fire.
·        slowly brilliant; boredom knowledge; words begrudged in the quiet, when it comes.
·        cottages mumbled. the doors heard. husky privacy. a light out. money laboriously judges exceptions. and richer. I've got a list as long as your arm.
·        once figure forever; if you, if him; type thought infatuated a relief.
·        (throat) died in the little room with the tears during the night in a field.
·        in the garden, tossing her, her ears, in lassitude; the words were simple she extended and rose.
·        phone prowl, schedule of his mind for him, to put the home in another; the bank interest was built after! the war.
·        hearing eyes on the edge of to switch, straight your name too late.
·        a long criminal, that is true; a button acquired some; dispense carefully; can damage us as legal
·        attitudes at the ceiling even kissing herself up to her chin.
·        a coarse turned little body putting his mind to room, silently.
·        bloody well-being in all she did not... strange. seemed..
·        too hungry, the stomach spending, taking; looking, softly, in the business and travelling fast.
·        an organism. his organism. his finger. his hand. and his blood. and set it free. his body softly in breathing. in the morning the wide open song again.
·        all happy? getting spots, piteously.
·        underfoot image against tricky premises. slyly better.
·        push enthusiasm! simply wouldn't memory; away room, clock, car, station; switchboard; sharply; more work reproduced. the man can think of the credit. how old is he?
·        said to talk about it, into trouble, stainless before, querulous; had broken.
·        added things own other art. something. missing by getting hysterical smiles.

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