Wednesday, December 30, 2015

poem || Brandon Theis

Fort Amber 

Casino bridge computation of drill tilting
Birdcage copulation in tired driven cask husks
Phobia phonies honed a perfect photonic chalk
Caulking the greased wheel bingo trinket
Blight maniacs of the worn out trout, devout
tactical devotion ocean, drifty lube stains
Pain grafter and glittery pouter, postulation
Epoxy the apocalypse faux, slaughtered
Grift cherries, gritty with sifted tidal cosine
   sequences, such simple sentence's
Seance of science, a sacrament; scrambled...

Fort Amber, yonder are ye 'casino bridges'
Yarns stage light posers, all titties and brick
Cost sin an' angled pi spiral, tis' bait clipping -
The shiv tickler all wrought on sweatin'
sweetness and might, a fortnight's climb 

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