Monday, September 15, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

case notes

Against night and water, mouth; it won't bloody go!
Trembles. Gouge a name into suffering.
Dawned once, momentum of old times. An empty dungeon.
Curses and soft shrugging delve sleep.

Townscape with a cage door. The door's closed,
the known world, brand-new, becomes big bloke.
Mummy, I hate you, love. A truncheon
turns turned unknown, such a mouthful smudged,

a mouthful of leaves, a phalanx of fighter planes --
unenviable vapour. An empty house. Childish pictures.
Silver on grey smattered the engine. An empty road,
back page story. Truth turns over. A piece of white paper.

An ambulance driven along hanging dreams, drifting
entropy evading receipt. Thank you want to fall.
She turns over the point on everybody's lips.
I can't just stand his silence. A cage on film crews.

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