Thursday, September 11, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Crawlspace Blackout Glue

We come to the realm of the unknowable in silent awe, struck down by dumb luck, wisdom trailing in endless baggage trains of disputation, cold-hearted despairing grace, woeful neglect, sadly importunate gossamer conduits of diametrically opportunistic belief and funneled conundrums, poultry geysers, simian waveforms, electronic maze roulette, remainder theorems, crescendoed vestibule derangement, focused rearrangements of floral intake baffles, buffered cheese dispensers, holy scrolling barflies, sapiential stalks of sold nylon shotguns, paramedic traction phonemes, enemy insignias, torpedo tantrums, and withered Pleistocene nightmares of stretched farce blues.

Unable to decipher the simplest glyph, doubling over in unbreakable code cacophony’s mysterious guffaw, cackling into stratospheric pinnacle regard for elemental flowchart busts of famous femurs, feverish lemurs, legumes of favorite haversacks, slugging parenthetical careworn giblet stoops in musty muscular vicinities of sworn human hatcheries below incipient hobbled belt line, plopping elliptic potentates in tomato puree paste of posh baseboard compliments to teenage target hounds, fooling amplitude spoolers into tidy diurnal rectification grime, faulting at diced illegal nitwit pardons and gator crawlspace blackout glue…

Episodic Cyclone High

Sputtered steamy scorch matriculation motes
dismember tome tobacco signatures,
scoring guilty bulge cicada sleeves
for photon bucket mysteries,
held frantically in seeping pants.

Releasing cracked incendiary speed bumps,
frontal favorites flaunt eroded
caricatures of apostolic henchmen,
tracking flagmen into boozy maelstrom sendoffs
for hatchery mosquito tenders.

Plucked to naked floss sedation,
ennui pummels cherry sapping
blue bait doppelgangers into cubic hiccups,
cleaving acidic tributaries
from softened nasal islands
of slang emancipation density.

Holding songstress barrier feet to freeform rifle petulance,
gruffly coughing scamperers berate triathletes into shelf defilement,
punching pungent pines with finely pompous ballyhooed brachistochrones,
pelted by dock submission’s harried aluminum pleats.

Saner corsage skimmers immolate escaped nudge praline activists
with starch control filings meant to signify intractable pilaf grout,
whisking barge house syllables from stylish glands of widened seesaws
to detours in anachronistic belfry blenders,
bonking into scanty liposuction beets.

Carnivals seclude narcotics nullifiers,
pending spent moon fission passion’s futile syncopation bleach,
tearing up indoctrinated lifeline barrel tools for solemn inklings
of appendage mule negation.

A tendon sea touts irrigation’s lightly swung gaze,
planting geysers between reels of speculation brows,
crocheted within emotive sandbag arteries.

Thank shaven misfits for remembered tourney caterpillar netting’s
meshy blemishes of hackneyed xylophone abbreviation trills,
run foppishly towards an episodic cyclone high.

Bakeries Till Dawn

It was all a bit melodramatic, the warbling tie pin, the foolish rucksack, the on-cue entrance of the fading cat, stenciled in green afterimage ink of retinal delay.

More to the point was the subtle creak of wooden chair, the head-scratching exercise and exorcism of dotted eyelids and soothing t-shirt sloganry, the omnivalent ubiquity of friendly ship-to-silo woolen underwear, bearing due west for parturition’s unsuspecting drop-off candidate.

Periodic distance gave way begrudgingly to sunken roadside shadows of skeletal embrace, holing out a barfly’s sandy beveled wedge cut with extruding swallows of day-old watercolors, flocking mesmerized and gallant into servitude.

Wartime’s now perpetual grin wore on into oily mourning hideaways of braying crazy eyes and lowing lovers’ lackadaisical resemblance, pining for sweet pillbox eateries, bakeries till dawn, and costly flecks of gilded wheat.

The purrs came reliably emblazoned with honeycombed injector kids, frosted aerial replays of crucial missionary dreams enhanced to magnified illusion, and arcadian bellbottom doubters, poised in timed mechanical baubles of exploded youth.

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