Saturday, April 19, 2014

poem || Keith Higginbotham

the threesome machine

of typescript curtains from this hunt for trio chaira children snows the void haloed as suburb—pipes fatigue a long circumstance of a seeming name band mountain & pain unrolled defective

squeeze all to rain I tied a fire to plains the fountain winced but backbone compliance two flowers trying thus the crude text window away mute my wings of barbed coax

inbox on stones for notion it splotches the exit workof nostalgic snow @ tree verve the tractor halfway is clothed a ghost novelornament box stairs escape animal foreground upgrades

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undrink vetted asleep windows to text its forsideburns dropping—wearing reasons along glass fire vintage sentences of whereas gloat ashes hissing question these holes

sleep there while nude what blue grasslands are spiky in that stretched wound it’s the snag sway ceiling across: forget dying die-cast a quicksand quest minimalistic a bundled warming

they took mute deflowered halfway zephyrs the asphalt stairs the surrounding red scuppernong sky which grandfathers herd diagonal shade high-gloss pipes of away rifle available to the camera off

frame snows curfew world desperate for monotony thus the names diction root tincture nestle dearest soundtrack fatigue through emergency which house now has a foreground

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system anything smithereens stars look out on the void absence wrinkled way cowboy what brick role houses backbone another door:the stars again plastic padding trees work to waterfall

bomb dreamscapes vanishing song composite rain the smudged floats cut rainbow bold combined the bayou ridge paper poem muddy muffled light with rings of mud safe John was high

noise drop-ins; the contrived moment sometimes after a handful stowaway flower parlors sex edges reductive like papers with fraud beyond the border strip real away from rhyme

industrial dusk superimposed rain uninstall composite with the threesome machine doubting halfway the afternoon sling skin bands on hymns halo of the interior human with bluish ornament

steam wind wash person continues carriage crown indefective stairs asphalt like asleep: nostalgic that wastes a lovely home like the ceiling poured only over half-equivalent motif

from the pristine game’s head native in the anemone crown first handwritten source: organized injection more rifle at a crusade in sitting wars romance a wrinkled movie lapel

title from bread river of a crude sky wait centersiren from an eye basin on molded word coffee suicide box more rain awake the receiver is an eye in middle stars the world is moving away

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