Monday, April 28, 2014

poem || John Pursch

Cowboy Ike Cargo

Cowboy Ike Cargo he swore he’d never wear a cardigan again, having been cropped by closing canaries, hull the whey dung to yellowing placemat dignitary by the likeliest Juana who’d heavenly slobbered awl hover his filial combed artificial limbs.

“Corregidor a mondo plank of Constantinople’s purest puerile sigh land, besmirched from Nubile Scootya’s highland guff, alimentary whey frond Snowfungland to Fluoridate’s peninsular suffering!” the Cowboy chirped at twaddle’s leaden seed militia, remitting swords flashier than antsy Juana can bobble hand choppy, wad with her pouting fence bean so blended into backwash shoptalk.

“Slaw dung, Ike Cargo; high kin barley kief hopping!” Juana repelled, switching genders in venous atelier to make a snuff pace to shame cows into culpability’s uppity sawed-off snot shin.

“…handymen sow forty tasered flowered knaves on shortly phased tenebrous monocles, firstly glazed with donut grasps in pockmarked phyla, desecrating anonymous ham hocks at dawn’s febrile unitary lotion sale…” Cargo he conned into droning’s proverbial global castaway inception broth.

“Calamitous assignation sift tar lever whiz when!” Juana exclaimed, bleating sow cries swirling from her sweaty beaded bowline, aft of scones what’d rotted weeks ago indie wake of dolphins, follicles, and droll snafus left savory watchword ooze by goody truly chewed Ike him shelf life, shelled to alacrity’s laconic imperative, snubbed to serrated sleet by longing’s feverish pitchman.

“Tackle swig o’ dishwater, sheared clean offal fronted jimmied shellfish horizon,” Cowboy Ike he offered flask and demonstrandum slaked his swollen thirty slam ding dong parchment infestation lung begotten seed hire. “Ahhhh! Thar ye go… Waddle heft mind shelf an udder wonderful glob…”

Hand weed at he tipped the flagon, vertical handy drained it, and chucked it clean howdy doodly outer swindled broken window, splashing shamefully corrosive droplets hauled ova tasseled wandered sills, burning wholes into floorboards and mastiffs and food-for-nodding gymnast sticks wad whence war tea beautifully hand-spoiled lugs o’ pristine surgeon materials.

“Whale eye nervosa wooden a-trinket drat staph antsy hoot, Cowpie Trike!” Juana resnorted, cackling hen his swollen face, all bubbly an’ volcanic as it was, canoe data heed drunk hall o’ drat venal liquid.

“Yayayaya… Properly blessed ye didn’t heft a chance to seven slake sewn machine has a dripping hove tat infernal bravado leverage, sucrose tease,” Ike assented, eyes a-bulging, sweating profusely, tugging at his pylon, rippling offal his soggy tie, now tearing human holes in his shirked topcoat, flinging shoelaces turd da wince, smelly toes sodden rupturing into swooping spatial aromatic vivification, rendering oxygen unbreathable, reeking habitual phlogiston crosstown hatcheries to spontaneous release hauled cram annals, flooding louts and goons through outlying streets, racking savory county and perishable parish with toxicity’s laminated and inimitable conjunctivitis outbreak, poising deviled dregs atop communal cisterns, fouling every drip o’ drab doxology-driven dunking drain forever hound disheveled Rumpelstiltskin lesions glowing hand-covered fistula in fearsome flotsam’s jellied pumpernickel O’Reilly fistfight caption breath, hauled off to gonorrheal kissing crate clubs sworn everyday from snow to mint julep frozen terrier deluxe.

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