Sunday, October 16, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

the labp comb drips the
blangk light crowns the
corninert where I le
ft my sleep demind
.upper hambiencia c raw
ling ni my belly where yr
stop forgot my ,drobping
bowel’s left the bowl be
hind my strayned ha
ir a compasante perdido
,es la cloaca dormida es
tá de lo que sabía llena

bur bu
gre ña


not the nut the k
not the )node( flaco
shed the s core lens

o trot

see hymn nurt
rition )fog( bot
fly the ham leg
rot sung the

flag rant beets

mime puzzle flaking nor
your intimodulation s
un table flops or / c
rashes ),d,,,r,i,z,,,z,l,e,(
down em face

nur sure sore nor
apt ape g land
stippled in the mou
th water )≈( bubb
ling off the l
e dge

tongue reef tongue
suit tongue flare
tongue nut tongue
clock tongue mort
tongue fly tongue
melt dog

shitty moo lot sp
ell shirty gas t
time fell shirty in
the shirty soup jus
t wipe the shirty

slap my snore arm p
lot the underthrow ,d
rains the lake stool o
half stacked steaming
through my suit I c
hopped the storm ≈/≈

the dog’s blink estor
nudo map a bl
inder cross my f
ace biliberation
,labiorizonte tan
d i s t a n t e

doblar ,dije

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