Monday, October 10, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

rust an neck ,pull ,plomo
de grillos ,multitudinarias t
us piernas ,finistierra .peldaño
inútil ,the flaking combs mu
tter in the hall your mooing th
roat your as .pyro baggage
ascendencia escombrosa so I
spoke the spoon what spoke I
said my saids was flickering
slowly in the draining tub

,mutely ,morphed ,manado ,ma
ted to a scribbled drywall ,te
nse nor oily bucatini õõ coil
ing in my socks I walked in
sauce .aimed the door at you
but o pen what’s trawled
outside the book what’s dub
bing in the black dust be
neath your bed .the numb er


edge of .the nite
hymn .doody cr
awls away the
,sand plans the
mess of forks  ̶ =


too’s neck gruntled flame o
nítido ,escusado de qu
arzo and the hall’s d
eep grit the máquina de es
cribir rises on a chair

scour the fall spender mum
bled tuber muscled in the
gummy lake yr frog neck
vision curves nor drowns
out there the sur face co
vered with L l eaves

eneminencia a
ra tos my
listing gust m
y ascualidencia

y siempre y nunca

dosificarme ¿no?

plantel ni plan

la vaca lo
vacuomnívoro lo


treinta túneles
los vientos veintitrés
los valores fofos
los los
la luna lenta

¡el pato!

es critorio ,a
zúcar plu
ma en lla
mas la na
da no hay
ni nada

) shirtless (

mis trillas
yr shoelaces

lo sombreante

en asno ni

flaco y f

yr dusty corns

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