Monday, June 20, 2022

David Jalajel - 5 Poems

 1. emissions/


smoggily soft and of the perfect weight

hangs over inexhaustible locales

our night’s itiner’y insists we leave

5+stars to its too shimmering

city scenes’ dazzled bustle to achieve

multi-scale guitar attacks 8-string

tunes of cute cartoonish quiddity

defines the clock we’re propping up to play

whimsic’ly the measures of machine

painted cogs that turn against each swing

the pendulum of industry veers back

banging the bell of seasonal foul air


as the thick quilts of smog enwrap themselves

around our city lights this workday night





nothing beats that freshly minted street

style goes viral syncopated rhythms

tap against our lax capacity

to shift our lazy asses right on down

to their more stable equilibrium

cycle clicks over like their metronome

synchronised budget covers random stress

ticks every box we stack against the tempo 

marking quirks of on-the-job performance

sketches our down time costs them vital stats

update their work assessments setting out

to market hard and push that single use


our potent mix of pop-inflected charm

gets all your post-paid hearts to beat as one




3. enthy-meme/


facts & good reasons never good enough

to learn the root conceptual binary

people connect with seeming too sincere

fair-minded knowledge swapping out the logic

speaks for its audience accounts for moral

patronage entails intuitive

rather than discursive radical

commitment to decolonising gender

signified commands & warnings more

than praise & promises of future pay

your sincere faith with certainty the moment

it lands you down in disbelief i fear


the biases of our good spectators

to whom i pose once more a change of heart



4. convictions/


how disquietude must stem in part

from what quaint nature lends degraded value

read into late religious heresies

studied against the spectrum of our travels

down wetlands sampling acid mine effluent

diffusing through to their indigenous

inclusive ancient polytheisms

the old semitic food truck’s menu’s barely

legible icons flash from the touch tablets

swallowed to cure with aromatic salts

precipitate as waste whose caustic sheen

bestows on nature its bright fervent lustre


extruding slowly from the 3D printer

a model of impaired immune response



5. dialled-up/


over excessive higher frequency

shock value added stimulus provoking

disclosures of declassified first-person

perspective limits viable preventive

measures successive failures to enhance

responses from repeated assignations

link tantalising journeys round the world’s

spiritual successors morally

bankrupt high street fatalities

result from faulty test equipment newly

deployed with eager haste but lacking training

videos replay incessantly


entice a fatal dearth of inhibition

commingling deep repulsion with delight

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