Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Jim Meirose - Daytime Star? Daytime Star

A rage abreacted muscular, ok, big ire-banded quack banger ol' bins side thug utility trailer, walked worn grass tailers, place we circus tent would go up. 

Wide smile ay sea face, as walked past bp ores going up. 



Nodded, smiled, greeted each passing stag; clear voice, aid, open face, read edge—huge yellow tent. Ying spread ground, spoke installed white short side.

Rage Friendly swung quack banger up. Stake wit crack. Quack banger swung.   

Was 'n friend?


Gosh Ollie.

Quack banger stakes went, Oh rage—working per ire bands quad quack banger did ire part ‘ee quack banger ad tiger sat rage! Friendly, sod back quack banger hung has hands wh ores pull any ropes. Make tent go up, tall. Yes, yellow shining daytime star.

A wean all black sod outdoors slowly driving spiker shafts upper edge. Fl, Evel, clean surface, worked way steadily—clime, smoothly pulling nail after nail white plug rustler’s par g-candleflame sow up, ‘, n, up, rhythmically.  Type ivy braze go's ad th formed ad g-candleflame glinted tree daytime star blue-sky domed overs.   tapping g-candleflame went out all directs ice ripples pod woman moved slowly working grew smoothness grace, hips swaying ooze hair blazing wispily about face.   nail went working grew, inexorably.  she was finish edge tackle id spiker shafts all et g-candleflame out Fl Evel clean surface slender hand red spiker shafts ft ends gripper flings hang pulled back go booked out cross field woman shook ick hair thrust out cost booked-up daytime star raised hand shield eyes.

A grim-faced Xan squinting eyes swung double-edged axe tree again past middle deep shadowy forest.   polis ad axe blunted following words stamped in; No 50 EC SIMMS EEN UTTER USA. Tide crack axe hitting echoed ought trees. bark splinters f’ew.  man's face never changed, even gnu sat blow had been struck tree fell out two orc, easy iambs making rushing sound ns it fell it was quiet again nod even it was quiet again sod next tree, swinging awe, its ad flashing silver mottled daytime starlight falling through canopy.  face it seemed ok no oy swinging ok vow oy felling tree ok no soy going next, next, oy might have been ascetic deep inside having such ob. felling tree after tree but face could have gene way or gene, it was verge ear smiling or frowning bet it never changed; mouth us stayed straight-line face has eyes squinted deeply word axe swung all day, past no, after no, ward night.

A small boy green red sandbox wide backyard bordered willow trees.   id small hhhh th bilged far.   words CBST STEEL ay stamped blade. small boy swung hhhh sand, cutting nothing.   Backyard, stretch him, found grey house small enclosed porch back title window an ivy screen choice came grass screen.

Competition in the way of himself.

D’s get hurt, ery, said voice brightly.  D’s get hurt; th’ tap’d, hhhh.

I wet!

hhhh came again past sand cutting nothing, boy home, sandbox, playing hard, mind turned.   hhhh came up, came.  UVU, grey home up hex.

A thick waisted tell sod trestle clearing bush eight single edged axe. ad axe bore an embossed picture ‘f an axe astride goes, bordered words QUALITY SEAL--PLUMQ CHAMPI AXE.  saplings cut sled sandy slope easy mass both.  squinted; would see everything; through earth th’ way saw re was solid hox rock cities people all hustling about turned trestle cold ire re was swe’ men steel mill, bn dark place it showers sparks grew din, though ire wads now, silence sew moving ice-cold brook.  Past cod ire was far bank dirt was packed hard win spread out or side dirt hose after house street after street out highway bed woe houses thickened buildings grew taller.  Again, turning back seeing all’t, cut rush, eye set, war this brook far booked past booked muddy thick both or side city spires domes sod middle yellow desert. swung axe re   trestle surrounded ‘se ace filled people fable was set hard, ice knew much, but wasn't saying any f’it.  ice saw much, but would never say wh wee seeing.  was full  

In dark place bullet-added brown shirt pants made skin swung rage square added oak quack banger wits cracked handle solid slab ou’ granite.






All right.


Nothing comes inside, said stilly.  Nothing ever comes inside.  Nothing!  Wh, you see outside is wh you get!  

A small boy sod there, arms sides newly combed hair green, shirt, pants.

I didn't, said body.  I'm us is all.

Thad’s my hhhh.  Give it me.

Think you, said boy. Home's th’ way, said, pointing direct ‘yd been going.  it’s gone.  it’s gone home.

 grim-faced shifted axe shoulder or glanced sidle boy eye half shut.

 sandbox back door.  need give axe back my far so he can hang it ol sd.   peg ol ds it hangs no’s high for me reach 

y waked silence now but for et crunching gravel.   smell dust went up ire noses.  

Oh--sure.  Whack about it?

I guess do.

Oh, wh makes yod say th now--

slender woman black pointed back spoke oved cutting ob. f.

See?  See?  You're getting wh said.  Everybody's sexy.

Even next me e.

S tilted ad ward grim-faced man.   inked   face set harder tan ever, booked back type direct which were walking.

See, said woman.   doesn't deny rt.

man's face stayed set straight sad crunch through grovel firm steps.   big friendly brought quack banger   hex shoulder id its cyst both hands as spoke.

See how zany it is for everybody agree?  said airily.

See how easy it is for everybody stay friends?

Right, said cowman black.  Friends.  sexy.

y talked faster.   small boy pet up easily.   green shirt pants she eight winding   pebbly crunching boiling about m.  thick waisted tall suddenly cake up   came through than crowd much blade QOALITY SEAL -- PLUMB CHAMPI AXE Ying back over ob.’s shoulder as ob. turned spoke.

Th's my axe, sard, pulling gut.

Let me have it.

Jos raised face man’s green eyes said course handed over axe.   id it him.

Minx if ion you?  asked group.

No, said woman black.  ores all nodded so started again thick waisted quickly tabbing egad stepping up pack.  

Why dig take egad? said sly.

Job hooked over.

Wh difference does its aka?  We're all going same way.  run’s road.  direct.

Th's true, said.  booked about.

We're wall-equipped group.  All se owls.

I now, said ob.  We would world bra out owls?

 grim-faced has been closely listening.

Th's right, said, feting handle bib axe. You can't do nothing out owls.  yore all you have sometimes.   ee, you going.

Wh, do you mean, asked isobath?

Wh, said nothing more.

Ha set face forward again though couldn't now it, who'd us opined had taken egad food reaps.   saw everything us ice always us ice always, because walked ale; walked angle even though all followed closely saw through road horas straight place road ed, we were going--e set eye place road warp evading stepped out smoothly straggly wedded Should rill ores we we're going, should tell wh if tell if old would ee walking or could spa dead right e--

Bullheaded clos made skiey rust up   much square-added oak quack banger hung isobath’s hand.   arm id rage Fl rock.  

Who are you? 

Th's my quack banger, said bullet-added man.   is writ wormlike as spoke eyes sank empty face.

y all supper turned.

Give me my quack banger, said.

S gave it over.

Now ob. isobath sod empty-handed people standing booking ginning bullet- added wept side road th grass, put set slab started pounding it quack banger.








You can't do nothing out owls--yore all you have sometimes-- ee you going—



 ol SD’s high repack so I'm going ask my Far--ask my Fan--


--should tell we we’re going wh if tell wh pf d’s wh would do if new we were going--



Rt sat rage black panel truck cams up over edge horas pebbled road sped suddenly small crowd.  wide blue stubbly chin rage black yes got out stumbled ward z, pointing.

Those are all my owls, said, eyes flashing sparks--

and pointed clock trying fend right time, being wound    some caused, some sat-- stepped forward ok quack banger rage friendly who gave it up freely.

T is my magnet.

 course, brow, said friendly man, stepping back.

All you, said wide black-eyed man, waving.  All ou.  Put my owls back my truck.

e bra ol people filed bacs truck aid owls inside.   big friendly black-Vlad woman grim-faced small boy green, broad myna trestle filed as rage each put ire owls amuck, walked away quickly pebbled ph., until disappeared.  all did but bullheaded man, who road, ae, blank-faced, pounding.  Its ok file for ores disappears ang win were all gee wide blank eyed closed back panko truck got drove out word.  

No.  Ne were ever veer.

No.  d’s think so.  It’s wax.  It’s daytime star. It's de something up.


Wh, do we do now?  spoke.  Things are different

somehow--and we've so Mach far walk, but things are different now.

I agree, things are different.

All right.

ire eyes twinkled id daytime star.


So, it’s do it n.


Yes.  Wh l.  All right.

And fame road sty gags undressed, out fort bullet added as though were it re.  ay did wh they had done, re center tho circle th was horas, we type blue met unbroken green all, while bullet added who Ras re but yet not re pounded Ost endless, ever-changing time, ol remaining. 





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