Saturday, May 22, 2021

JD Nelson - Four Poems

 the knocking kitten

the bat in those health pants

is there nothing in the egg?

is nothing worth a penny?

hamper the world of nylon

I stopped at the mind border to feel a new butterfly

that heart of worms is the shame of the same world

that barn is the charm of the downward ham

the underground melon was a key frog of the forest

an angry anchor is the stop sign

in the shape of the hammer to boil an egg


we are eating a knuckle of the wire to pear the purple

I am the one knocking and asking

I could have said nothing when I was the pillow machine

to get behind that dollar is the cow of the apple

crisp carl was a home boat

the animal bomb and helping the hamsters

the mood apple for the middle of the tiger

to eat another fork

the bargain cult of socks

the crisp name of the tiger was a winning cat

the pepper is the talk of times to win that help of the name

the tired eye and eyelet

to win a window of the winter

the little stereo kitten was a brain of the book

to pink one robe of the ice


working darf the semiluddite

that lake is the iron of the call

we are the weekend of salt

the ankle is a daylight rose to measure up to the sun

the continuation of the northern help to listen

the good ice of ireland

euro rock is the plant of space

the heart is the key to the lone mile

saturday is the light of the common fork

the daydream is safe and we win that tree to get there

a worm to be the better egg-a-pop

together with that chicken was a fluff

that truck is the color of thy why

the jum and hum a jungle riff

the western egg was all right with that problem

the burger of the lashed antler

the wolf of the garden


mind dough or doughy is the creek of the lord

I can ice the layback and I need a world to row

now with my own boat

a head of the inline wet now

“o” was a capital cake

that ready natural is the original hand of the crown

the key eye of the salt

the mike of the apple

this rose is the crayfish of the gamma

this faceless mess of eggs

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