Sunday, August 2, 2020

J. D. Nelson - three poems

1. there once was a listening burd who didn’t sing & only listened

he heard yelling
it was a tree next to a hole in the ground

he said don’t worry you have a root system that will keep you from falling in
and the tree seemed to be comforted by this


2. "a" is for applesauce in a five-gallon bucket

earth knows him and welcomes his contributions

the machines like them and so do we

a mirror clam of the daisy face

a landing pad for the insects we call oink lasers

make up some worms

aliens clone pine cones

clumps of clumb, boxing blarg

3. oatmeal worm

tiger’s head floating in space
baby blades

here in the village with no socks on our feet
gunched crumb

sitting in the chair of the morning sitting and thinking
plunk was a cushion

the monster waited around and read some magazines
but the people never showed up

oh well he said I guess I’ll go hungry tonight
and he curled up in a ball and fell asleep

the head is removable which is a nice feature

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