Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jim Leftwich - two poems

1. Fragile ecologies underfoot
giFts my prOXy bOtaNicaL
uNder sPidEr-MeRCury
unDEr tHe heLiOphYsical
asHTRay beHaviOral sOLar
haMmerHead fisHing
in fuRry tRipLicate

2. A sort of piano or pumice
quaNTum EyedRips
nO jOkE uNdEr nOt
a jOke joKEr JoKing
siLence fOaming mY
guests gUesses My
metHOds aRe cOnCave
prOtein witHOut
iTs AnciEnt Sea

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