Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Yrik Max Valentonis - Lost in Urban Landscaping #3, #5, #26, #40, & #55

Lost In Urban Landscaping #5 

People stare at clouds
Searching for meaning in their life
Through random actions
Of the environment

Adam could
Not help but to
Name everything he saw
The urge to define, classify, denote,
Explain, organize, interpret, express, signify,

To the

humanity's need to
conquer and subjugate
the natural order
of the universe



Lost In Urban Landscaping # 3 The Community Which Includes DIRECTIONS: Choose as many of the question/directions as you want. Think about it. Respond on a 5" x 7" index card, please, one response per card. Leave the card in the box provided. Write a Biography {Autobiography, Obituary, Singles Ad., etc.}. Write down your favorite Urban Legend. Invent an Urban Legend. Write about your favorite historic moment. Draw a picture of your favorite appliance. Write about what makes your community special. Write down how you intend to make your mark in the world. Draw a map to {Paradise, your favorite place, of your country, etc.}. Write an explanation of your aesthetics. Design a logo or symbol for yourself. Draw the words you think should be images instead of spelt out. Write down what you do for your community. Write down what you would like for your community to do. Draw a piece of Public Art {One you have seen or design your own}. Write about whether you consider where you live “home” or not. Write the postcard that you have always wanted to receive. Write the postcard that you always intended to send but haven’t. Draw the postcard that you always wanted to receive. Describe how well you know your family. Explain whether it matters where you live? Explain the answer to “Who are You?”
Lost In Urban Landscaping #40


Transitive verb. 

To putz around the office in the middle of the night for no good reason, waiting on someone else to get his or her work done. 
Originally derived from the American ‘DIDLITTLE’.

Conjugation of DIDDLE:

  1. DIDIT


Lost In Urban Landscaping #55

      1. PLEA

      2. PLEAS

      1. PLEAD

      2. PLEADING

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