Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mark Young - from 1750 words


It seems so simple
this sense of
shaking off desire.

So many years
with a
nimbus at salient.

Now to begin
the self, using

the negative. Not so
easy changing
the status quo.


An awesome app! & at
such a low price! Can be 
operated from the comfort 
of your own cardboard

container. It reminds me 
of some form of soft em-
balmer. Inevitably fatal, but
you take some time to die.


A set of approaches & tools.

The most notable case is that 
of a chair beside an open win-
dow, protected from the wind.

"Somebody may read my poems
after I'm dead & wish I'd died
much earlier." Niccolò di Bernardo 
dei Machiavelli—(1469–1527).

Little is known. 

All decisions are mechanical.


Candidates also
tend to equate
the project with
heavy obstacles.

The main metric
of both is booze.
(Joseph McCarthy)

Other parts frequently 
: have become more :
characterized by muscles :

: factor details in status :
the capacity to construct.

Cars are not permitted.

There is another.

#10 (exposing the Republican divide)

card clok master time

human iris pattern recognition

a many-colored Persian Carpet 

handpunch time employse cloking

over 36,000 Happy Clients in 2017

cinstruction time chronos time cock

local industry seldom considers any standards.

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