Thursday, June 27, 2019

jim leftwich & steve dalachinsky - capsized whahaha tomes

familiar routes expect vocational
     castles folded into the cream
             of beehives ruined by
         cherished identities
            dents in the cheekbones
                behavior patterns
                     crime/wave goddardian
                        apertures rem/roots
                 creek beds demented presidents
             caviar from bees
         the patter of terns
     guardian dodo cravings
the square root of "perturb"
      rooting for the home team to lose
                   academy lopsides
             top hats in a sea of red dresses
                     redressed as lost her eyes in
             capsized democracies
         tame boots & looser tomes
     the red badge of the sea cat
last seen near easter island
         horizons shattered familias
             become unrecognized tortoise
    chambers under the lash of whahwhahahahas
the beak of the camel is a cognizant
     porpoise flash-clambering among our
          familiars chattering the horizontal aphorisms
               of the mad hatter in unedited routines.

february 2019

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