Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Keith Higginbotham - Three Poems

1. World Shit Mask

Through fraudulent shadows
Expect sinew/;
buildings homesick
the high salient struggling,
a bag
Of butchers in a chair,

Kingdom of lowbrow anthems
Airbrush the séances, unbearable grasses
Of peppered scars.

Mirror on the mouth making things worse.
It’s no mirror,
said the Southern
spun toward applause.


2. Giant

The man no. 754 is dented
from metal
can in fire skyline the

The the the chrysanthemum power

Giant black chicken-of-the-woods


3. Aeroplane

big eyes encased in
moontop on lap as on
the eminem

consciousness of
filament villas big

of something

mornings spent in preparation of
post sunset suicides
the afternoons
about light

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