Friday, December 18, 2020

J. D. Nelson - Two poems

 1. the land as a mirror

now for the communication breeze and that means a landslide

walk week goes back to the feet

to start a land war with that cleo of capes

the can of dinner to eat tonight on earth

puddle and puzzle

forlorn gorp

expert on the rose

the good gardener

that hard egg was a good little bug

that’s the last place for a worm to be

2. to walk away from the sun using magnetic volume enhancers

the computer was a battleship motor of the sky

the nice, tired eyes of tomorrow

slow crux was my crust

letting it out with my laughing hand

the good face is not showing up on the screen

shrimp radio

spock’s brain was ticking

the crack in the laugh

the first world of the shining sun

read the real-world books

sweet breather

typing time to get thru three of the words

muffle muggle was the oyster

the circle in the wild

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