Wednesday, May 2, 2018

John M. Bennett - Six Poems

ranas que me comen los dedos
     Gracias a Bibiana Padilla Maltos
       Jane Flury, y Geof Huth

laundry foot redejection  )el agua de
mi ser hecha cascajo – Mario Santiago
Papasquiaro(  azeite de los ojos que
no ven in atl el sueño del coco es un
banco con zapatos siniestros los zap
atos un mall de américa que se llena
de agua  tu clown leg drips tu libro o
pens to a bag of garbage peels bott
les oily socks tongue depressors
)“le mond'eau” - G.H.(  el mar que
mondas ,mundo sin forma en el
cecentroro del lago stones smoking
on the island where yr washing burns yr
dream of a volcán es tu cara pressed a
gainst a head of lettuce es el sol a
hogándose en el mar  tina en donde
se beben mis piernas mis pie
rnas que tantean su meta ultimada

“eauvoir” – G.H.
multitud ahogada
meat and faucets



the singed book yr th
roat  's  )hot cough(  stain a
skull  's  bent up clown sn
ore's glory sneezed a  a   a
deruddered foot at roof's

putifacto putiplácido putiplenimondar

dripped off em leg ged re
ductionedist bruma em
BLAzoned EMBlazoned embl
azONEd whisker-like a flatt
ened mask you ssay ?  “smell
the hand's bare slaw eye” un
der a s lack d rift of as
hy pages  )small bad leg(  nim
ias y numenescas ,tu flujo
refulgente  )“hot lap heard”(
)dream of a dead squirrel is a
head rotting in a bucket is a
small room walled with TVs
blaring  PUTIboca pUTIboca
PUTIBOCA orange drool
pools on the floor a
tiny hand jerks and splashes
in the fli ckering li ght( (  (   (    (      (

lint pages
leg clown fog

Que d'atrocités n'a t'elle pas produit!
- M. Boinvilliers, Cacographie, 1819


How to Exist

Close your eyes and drool into your hat.
Squat on your phone and fart.
Open your eyes and stare at a pea for 5 hours.
Wait for time itching in your palm.
Name your fork a key.
Walk in the sea and shoulder a brick.
Drop your skin in a suitcase and take a nap.
Drink your pee and tear a sheet into 4ths.
Hold a face against your face and remember the future.
Sink your head in a bowl of linguine and
     listen to the instructions of murmuring light.



my age a boat
my tooth a snore
my itching back a
lung number ,washed out
wall ,letrero sin letras
lentes de grasa que te
caen por la cara
L e L e e e L L e L e e L  L   L    l
es el lago que te
habla desde los pies
ándale pues in your
thumb a pin your
hhand a bbreadth

or coin
coin or ambulation



blip b lip
bli p n
ates an cor n

reel nobby
eck glassy
spit it out

dab ,fog ,cry
shoulder wind
slab ,wet ,fly

said dead
glue said
said sed

nno te rajes
boil my nose
luggage ,soup

it wha t    t


wet table    
     “the sleep” -  John M. Bennett

chain of suits and ice my
doorclap ,crow turns an eye

use less should er
got th ought me ss


was of f it
fleet bed
,flor time

table knot

uh sh utter moufse bog

)phlegm ladder the fur
nace floats re writhen
molten missive's tongue aster
isk the ant margins clclickk
     - distilled from Ivan Argüelles' “Phlegethon”(

(shadowed swim pool
macaroni in white slime)

is the lunch my face
briefcase in a flood
muddy watches

“Too late
Hard fish”
     - Joseph Ceravolo

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