Monday, January 8, 2018

Bill Beamer & Jim Leftwich - from Sound Rituals

sound ritual number 86

dual narratives bit extu al sans kri
Copenhagen baggage
t syntax army  life of bendex riley tv
before two bands in Boston. crash the commons
net neutrality rising, by train,
t wo different marches, 2 diff keys teevee life ed sull
ives sat on the loose grass. pigeons encampment.
in 22 minutes, what a marvel
memoryunto a twoer lava lamp. pitcairn& the canary dave garr

december 2017

sound ritual number 87

garage was still purple flabby goodbye
dead fish growing the baby's dirt road
famished jeans har bored and port stitches
skiboardsbathing garage sessions ban
dingspoon-crossed corbeil, blue phlox,
tufts of sofa-milk light

livid chestnuts shuddering a thimble
cross hairs in a balloon har harse th
phantom lamuettes phish ade silly silo
let not add, impediments slinky hollow

Persephone, the warrior, the the
underworld toilet there sto
pped ish drain collusio in te elo dump

parallel membranes string-on, soldier​,​
lossaround louse saround this   head
this house (made of card((s)) bored?)
the kelp-lamp and forceps
absolute strip mall algebra
in hell
​​on its heels

​december 2017​

sound ritual number 88

​disturbia clack to eden's tree
zoo shoes energy
syllable spit

spitsnaker barbequed error
fuzzy apocalypse energy
syllable pipe

pipeline fish alarmscaly gutty
rowdy suburbs energy
syllable fish

a high-energy construct and an energy-discharge
flounder, on toast lawnsprinkled
streaked sun energy
​​rest stop energy
yarrowhertz energy
ostranenie energy
the wrinkled dawn energy
syllable bop

bap tazer ostrungdisturbia now
Laramie, Scranton energy
(will have some several causations)
syllable freak

freakystun restgo yemahahtz
snake skit energy
Disputanta energy
grayscale energy
syllable back

back to growly burbbled skies
coiled zodiac lips energy
syllable gray

graysodas  puz zlescol lapse
rosin roast ripe ruts energy
syllable zoo

,Zooz of gods
barbarian queue energy
syllable disturbs

december 2017

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