Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christopher Barnes - Five Poems

1. Utilize “Pharmaceutical Revival” ™

Our “Better Screens” placebo-inducing curtains
Are fortuitous in any infirmary.
  (He captures her smile in a Kodak.)
Loomed with strung-random aspirins
We dissolve thoughts of pain,

Supporting health by association.

2. Twinkles In Nightspot lights

For unsound bones.
  (Mirrorball, swing-dancing, tall, brimming glasses.)
Be the chitchat.
“Voguish Solutions” ™ introduce –
Plaster casts moulded from reprocessed vodka bottles,
Crunched to harmlessness.
  (Good cheer smiles.)
Issued with protective lining
Effortless to apply,

Dries in a flash.

3. Whisk Away Your Purchases…

In a “Mother Sweet”™ basket
Tastily woven from sugar cane fibres.
  (Pyramid of meringues.)
Cherry-pick a hood,
Butterscotch or marzipan.
  (Steaming Toffee Pudding.)
For gateau and roly-poly nibblers

Who unmistakably crave it all.

4. Permit Motivational Ltd. To Fit You Out…

In June’s essential textile –
Silicone-bobbled diet pills
On midnight lace.
  (Revealed in hotel window.)
Eternally waterproof in unruffled use,
Fadeless in blazing afternoons.
  (Reclining on plaited chaise.)
Overlook skulking in the half-light of a windbreak,
Thread our “Summer Love”™ bikinis with a flatter.

Be the favourite on the beach.

5. By “Surfacing Cosmetics”™

Kick-start the chores with a fragrance
The senses won’t begrudge.
  (Entrance-making white ball gown.)
Revives and valets
Spent, have-the-pip faces.
  (Monitor, keyboard, plugged-in desk.)
Tequila-lemon wipe pads

For the party’s aftertaste.


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