Wednesday, August 30, 2017

poem || Peter Ganick


the teevee is spewing content.
it is content with that.
content that is naturally involving.
evolving. as it is a   concept.
all concepts evolve, they are not static.
just because they to be made of words when written,
this is because the words, that cd be simplified to be electrical impulses,
have meanings—the content is basically meaning.
meaning is inherent in all matter.
just like the spiritual dimension is inherent in all matter, really.
the spiritual, if i may say so, is characterized by a vast space.
space is the place, as sun ra said.
this brings up 2 points.
1—who is sun ra?
2—what is the content of space?
is space empty? can space be empty?
if space were empty, what would its content?
ultimately, all this writing provokes in this person-as-person,
not writer, is content, whatever that content might be.
it is a logical circle in which the steps are not directed congruently.
or, there are no parallel lines except when one postulates their existence.
nature doesn't create two exactly parallel lines.
the mind cannot actively conceive of two concepts simultaneously.
the existence of concepts is thereby disproven,
and their existence would not be in opposition.

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