Friday, June 2, 2017

poem || Ed Higgins

Oh, you are not

Iggaloo ohyouboohoo COOL/ER than burning
your burning shit when you want something
Get It Now! Pre-approved how you will spend
your angst never to lose selling pebble candelabra.

Come/cum portend your mad dreams thinner than  full-
length thighs. We you owe lots. Never Taking Astounding
Honey-Nut Pills

            Live the life you deserve
            100lbs. of  sweet naked damn
            you’ve won again. ExtraTime. Chocolate fer’two.

We’ll never: it is lovely Be honest with me. Can
I be your weekend Only! Free? What are you/me doing after
bored? Pet food dinner. Oh, you are Bingo and Slots.

            pay nothing  pay nothing  for want something
            free full-length top notched upon me

These SECRETS you’ve won did you know no/no
puffed-heat popularity pills increase the life you & you
can’t deserve it doesn’t hurt did you know(??)
fixing your eyes stereo-staring not working

exothermic as/all/HELL.

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