Saturday, June 11, 2016

poem || John Pursch

Ario Nibular Schtum

Ecribilian out radio
queue recti purple
frond ousiliac slant
a mitrio extuper aspen,
a squeegie sporz hent
plour tei bramble some,
gar after endo mioncra brosen,
or anziun mowey coddle acseng
prop to hinder escarion toucan
pirdongs groan.

Indebted tock spanny
ario nibular schtum
climb sowndy to
phlogie questules
of residential tej
lopit sanction.

Egery worthies,
helms wat musta gried
to egest smelted coar,
but fierda lacha
burpo sichenated
hair withal huv
any spozen hoof.

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