Thursday, March 10, 2016

2 poems || Raymond Farr

The Juncture at,     ,Six Pence per .Sauna
a,    ,poem,    ,is,    ,property.  ,of,  !existence
a,   ,pencil,  ,lead,  ,is,     ,brimming,  ,w/,  ,flux, 
,w/,  ,much,  , talk,    ,&,   ,w/,    ,vertebrae,    ,written,
,horizontally—,Cinzano,  ,sippers’re,  !key
quickly,  ,the,     ,poem,    ,lags,  ,lacking,  ,a,  .pronoun
do,  ,you,  ?copy—I,   ,paddle,   ,a,   ,pall,   ,bearer, 
to,  ,whiffle,  ,ball,  ,sound,  .tracks—,I,    ,am,   ,a,    ,day,   
,rife,  ,w/,  ,cappuccino,  ,at,  ,Balzac’s,  ,place—
,in,     ,this,   ,house,  ,of,  ,wooden,   !ships
,in,    this,   baked,      metal,      field,     ,of,   ,goldenrod,  
,I,  ,fail,  ,to,  .enhance,   ,I,    ,profit,  ,from,    .circumstance
it,    ,is,   ,all,    ,about,      ,the,     ,six,  ,pence,  ,per,  .sauna
I,   ,prefer,     ,writing,     ,downwind,   ,of,  ,p,  ,inman, 
,at,   ,Gloucester,  .Y—come,  ,&,  ,get,   ,yr,   ,freakin’,   
,pencil,    ,lead,    !Frankenstein
the,    ,way,    ,to,   ,a,    ,man’s,    ,stomach,  ,Stella,
,is,    ,thru,    ,[pogrom I],    ,&,    .[pogrom II]
signed,    ,[dept. mgr.],    ,Holland,    ,Tunnel,    ,of,    .Love   
will,   you,   ,loan,   ,me,   ,a,   ?sawbuck—or,   ,what,  
,were,  ,you,   ,singing, … ,yr,   ?hymns—I,   ,couldn’t,  
,quite,  ,pinky,   ,ring,   ,everything,    ,you,   ,said,
but,   ,when,   ,pilgrims,   ,float,   ,’em,   ,you,   ,said,
,no,   ,one,   ,needs,   ,of,   ,translated,   ,as,    .of
but,   ,acts,   ,in,   ,seven,   .words

Raymond as Giotto as Multiple Deranged Angels
As dissonance coheres
Someone blocks every door

LAW says—I am him, convinced he must be him
A hand or charm on Opening Day

                        In the embers of violins
I binge on turgid elegies—blanched to bad flesh

In the chambers of a stranger’s weird civic head
A dog or dragon paws beneath skin

& wandering thru corridors singing ditties of winter insanely
I paint little sky lights—a black web on crumbling plaster

& where murder as war lasts but a fragment
I curtsy out of love, in terror of love

Murder & speed arrive gasping at walls—
Angels on car hoods

Angels in armor
Midnight etc

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