Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 poems || John Pursch

Tanned Simp o' Knees

Muskrat smell of time-slip junket
phases in through broken window afternoon
of Shunday laundry list devotion prong,
fiddling dials of Huevos Errors urban gland escape,
sending Chet aloft again to retroactive shoreline starvation sickle,
shearing motile cilia from dog-eared cochlea,
flashed to vertiginous calliope of Brandenburger filigree,
embossed with Braying Toe Vents, sure to settle
all the way in mangy Torchland, circa 1823,
jousting time for the missing Tanned Simp o’ Knees
to be repealed.

Snow White if Loud Wigger’s deaf and dumped and brindled
and dourly trodden hundred shoe and sand?

The whirled demands an utter simple phonic mistress peace,
tad’s all ewe heft anew, graven that timed limes Arno object.

Yes, hat’s own lea haymaker of dime (snow bun entendre)
be four sum when wood gavel plaque in thyme
hand dew the turbid steed.

Know, nod staking shovel hand
digging hup pour Loud Wigger hem shelf,
butt steel ink hiss past hummus
E. coli heck shun of caustic offal.

Gasp, dose shards what war nod canned solder swarthy voluble
Enoch tabby pablum fished cooed bay cobbled due gather unto
wan lost grade semi-phony, uhh mast or peace!

Hokey, sew tat’s wad slum he tare two Hun man shin able
parity high shacked Chetly toto.

Sands succumb in swallowed delicacies,
past straw mat autonomy.

Hopscotch O’Nutlian

She spake whittle satchel smidgie
hind wainscoting harbinger breath,
wheezing nixed confabulations
phlegm half a heifer loaf o’ dried
palmed solvent whimsy flax,
plunked tritely drowned indie centaur
of trafficked sickles and ham hocks,
foisted upon none bud the breast-stroking
of all that ever coulda winched daring whey
from huggably loose wax turnings,
graven with spectral labyrinth injections.

Haul heft ye ogled when ovum,
wire ye’ve goggled savory yodeling
marigold whatever war borne aweigh by
Hopscotch O’Nutlian’s privy
salivation numb-nuttery,
nonesuch whence connubial
brain farce exceeds forgiven
knob shops spoiled separately,
buttered knees nod inclusive, drifting
from stolid Popsquatch heapquarters
to hep und lithesome rug-rat maze
caparison kith.

Frog ya whence ye gotten snowblind
ire tyrants in tritium fur sheeply
steepled paranoiac fragrance skiffs,
overboard prom clover’s daft
enamoured hind spelling worn-out
crumpet tilt water spot creamover,
saddled from snooker pallor nearing
any u-turn’s private serration,
cropped from footfalls nationwide,
to livery’s warmly cranked garters.

Haul in hall, et war jest a beetle two fearsome
floor antsy ovum tea carouse a bovine
the fracas fir heaven a shack hound,
latter gloam a Nordic fight o’ dazed weakness.

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