Saturday, June 1, 2013

poetry || John Pursch

Mauve Implodes

Architectural grazing patter filters situational munitions through monaural catacomb liqueurs, dallying lustily for jousting cubicle clocks, set to pieces of exonerated sandmen. Governesses rectify adjustable onsets, dissected in follicle stanchions, plushly glossing pressed cashews into canopies of naughty angstroms. Chilling upper hares, classy belchers stratify irradiated minstrel skeptics, cleaning overkill, hovering between chapped bolides. Ambrosia torts relax in battered boxcar ruins, cloning heavily limbered umbrage when sangfroid peaks in turnout grooves. Mighty droves reap hourly steering oil, plying truncheon values, dripped in alimentary fragrance cowls. Marching blondes sting injured melancholics, clasping onto logically belabored plebian nouns, given thumped overalls. Cascading cellophane liturgy lists to portage clout incipience, paddles stout testimonials, and immunizes fond concession trout, slaving under unicycle tiers behind hired tallies. Poshly faked heaps espy grouse deflation asthmatics before exhuming salamanders demonize cacao mulch. Turning to hands, our egalitarian highs befriend cavalcades of sullied graphic urgency, flossing blue torrential dairy encores. Buzzing acrostics shelve plugged stairwells, peeling sudden easements, balking in a crooner’s dirty cousin. Grunts push erstwhile hairy economic undulators, ponding incendiary dump trucks. Candle tar eludes a manta ray, cackling in Spanish hatcheries, trivialized to tawny colonic heat. Distant murmurs empty splotches of wealthy uncle shoes, dissolved in stockyard veal. Mauve implodes to dermal sandwich lavender, splashes angst on ghoulish transoms, and stimulates erosion policies, bloating to royal hindsight’s magnanimous embrace.


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Pinochle Relief

Hefting starry-eyed dirigible plotters, municipal spelunkers graft stye paste to reputed airway cloaks, fending off fallout with calving safety shrugs. Glisten until Tuesday mirrors, precocious hamster, rating mishmash actuals beyond entrance theme schematics. Covetous drones peck at hesitation mulch, proffered with cambered dictionary broth. Whiffle dogs prosyletize a swollen stasis, massing on bored Prussian rivals, fencing loopy granular itch mache, turning to sunset catamarans in blotchy scones. Mimed irrigation mix flaunts tomorrow’s incipient bellwether glockenspiel tracks, laughing off weighty species of elven twirls, mopped in alimentary tallow. She beans a bent orgone extractor with late-night rally bilge, snowy kindling flavoring her pop-start uptown girly wiggers. Prosthetic seethers ump resplendent brawn’s sputum pageant, left for tread in shyly blonde emphemeral pouting latches, plunging lectern highs in graven undertones of feduciary spline remand. Squelched amidships, toreador caches style a selfsame cankle wardrobe after birdcalls of serried moonwalks, crafting samovar turnips from floating stoolie gaucho perusal. Tocks stand at henchman headaches, crowned harumph, inglorious streamers hovering over crimped instantiations, humming inanely, positing grand hotelier pinochle relief.

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