Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 poems || William Keckler


i will have a conversation with you
but only if you agree

to have this conversation

in the middle of a blizzard

and to wander very far with me

into the depths of this blizzard

talking very rapidly

and very hostilely

to one another

for a very long time

oh, and we will play chicken

with two bottles of cold medicine

while we are doing this

and of course you can't bring

the non-drowsy formula either

unless you are like

a total pussy


DUDE, WALL TO MOTHERFUCKING WALL TOTAL CHADS all day long, 24-7 TOTAL CHADS. TOTAL CHADS boxing each other in voluminous luminous sweats then eating cereal TOGETHER QUIETLY after. Fluorescent UFO-themed TOTAL CHAD cereals. MANDALAS spoked FLUORESCENT CHAD VAN DAANIKEN WHEELS and CRUNCHY EMOTICONS TOTAL CHADS SO LOVE float in milk float in TOTAL CHAD PROTEIN SHORTHAND all TOTAL CHADS love. SPOON someone's proof of TOTAL CHAD EVOLUTION. TOTAL CHADS play with spoons SPOONMAN they LIKE METALLICA don't SPOON OTHER TOTAL CHADS. Spoon shorthand equals spork me. SPARKY SPARKLY TOTAL CHAD HORSECOCK. TOTALLY CHAD EQUINES at racetrack. TOTAL CHAD HORSEBODIES getting some CHAD HORSETAIL spike their OWN TOTAL CHAD DRINKS with TOTALLY CHAD ROOFIES so they can RAPE THEIR CHADASS SELVES and be their own TOTALLY CHAD DATE RAPISTS. TOTAL CHAD in pregnant pause eating cereal with one massive arm resting in a TOTALLY CHAD ROOM massive CHAD ARM resting on a round wooden table near another TOTAL CHAD. TOTAL CHAD resting spoon upside-down on tongue and letting TOTAL CHAD tongue loll at other EQUALLY nonverbal TOTAL CHAD. Other TOTAL CHAD balancing spoon on TOTAL CHAD NOSE making sexy bonobo CHADFACE like a TOTAL MOTHERFUCKING CHAD!! TOTAL CHADS wrestling around in organza on the MILITARY CHANNEL. HITLER'S LEBENSBORN A TOTAL CHAD PROJECT. Hitler always wanted TOTAL CHADS all around his pale womanly body. TOTAL CHADS looking together towards TOTAL CHOADS passing by in gym TOTALLY DESTROYED wishing they were TOTAL CHADS. TOTAL CHADS FUCKING TOTAL CHOADS on Sean Cody's Mom's dining room table on the HISTORY CHANNEL. TOTAL CHADS deep into INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY. TOTAL CHAD SOIXANTE-NEUF, ANGRY TOTAL CHAD SOIXANTE-HUIT with subtitles on the CONFUSING OBNOXIOUSLY FRENCH TOTAL CHADS COMFORTINGLY CZECHOSLAVOKIAN OR GERMAN CHANNEL. TOTAL CHADS swimming the ENGLISH CHANNEL OF BISEXUALITY. TOTAL CHADS breaking Mom's lavendar flower bathroom decoration flowers preserved in glass in oil to pour the oils on their hot overheated TOTAL CHAD bodies over their TOTAL CHAD COCKS CHADASSES and watching oil pool in their TOTALLY CHAD NAVELS LIKE TOTAL CHADASSES. TOTAL CHAD BENDING OVER to put a TOTAL CHAD bumpersticker on his TOTALLY CHAD ELECTRIC LEAF HIS TOTAL CHAD BROWNSHIRT HUMMER. Electric Leaf collides with planetfucker Hummer but it's TOTALLY CHAD because this leads to TOTALLY CHAD MONKEY PUNK (HOT CHAD BOI) MONKEYTONK (HOT CHAD BEAR) GOLD'S GYM (HOT CHAD BO) MONKEYTREE (HOT CHAD TWINK) SEX! TOTAL CHAD raping a TOTALLY CHADWICK CHOAD who posed as a TOTAL CHAD just to see what it would feel like. At the UNIVERSITY FOR TOTAL CHADS. CHADHOUSE FRATERNITIES drinking each other's cum and tasting roofies and cereal CHAD VITAMINS. CHAD RIBOFLAVIN. CHAD NIACIN. Drinking TOTAL CHAD CUM LAUDE. TOTAL CHAD
facing TOTAL CHOAD in court FALLING IN TOTAL CHAD LOVE. TOTAL CHAD waiting for TOTAL CHAD in prison and then having hot TOTAL CHAD PROBABLY ILLEGAL PAROLEE SEX on the living room floor of his BEST CHAD. Crying into TOTALLY CHADWICK organza. Pouring TOTAL CHAD cereal all over each other's TOTAL CHAD BODIES and becoming MONKEYCHADS scary when fingers interlace. AN UNCHADLIKE MOMENT. UNCOMMON CHAD LOVE. TOTALLY CHAD desire to have GOLD'S GYM emoticon carved in TOTAL CHAD TOMBSTONE. TOTAL CHAD in mourning for TOTAL CHAD. TOTAL CHAD taking pills PLAYING catch up. Fear of a TOTALLY CHADWICK DEATH drives TOTAL CHAD to HUMMER SUICIDE. Hummer goes off cliff with TOTAL CHAD inside thinking this is a TOTALLY CHAD death. TOTAL CHAD worries about wrong air freshener when TOTAL CHAD TWINK CRUSH CRUISEE gets on board TOTAL CHAD DRIVE. TOTAL CHAD wonders how it can still be alive? TOTAL CHADS have healthy socialist life on the HISTORY CHANNEL. OCTOGENARIAN GERMAN FORMER TOTAL CHADS talk about how they miss the smell of German TOTAL CHAD LEATHER then say something moral about planting wintergreen across fields where TOTAL CHAD MASSACRES occurred over and over. TOTAL CHAD WISTFULNESS for a few seconds then a commercial for something TOTAL CHADS want so fucking bad to punch in its MOTHERFUCKING FACE (FOREPLAY WITH TELEVISION IS A GOOD TOTAL CHAD DIAGNOSTIC TOOL).

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