Saturday, July 3, 2010

three texts || Olchar Lindsann

#1: Blimp Portion

grum py purpo sive entir e neptune normal bum py uptown container whistle bac kstab upfront nab bust corpul ent mat. Forcourt gyroscope didn't sling cat no rmal pattern caterwaul instant guppie flapjack crin ging brick like dream stick backpack light yes west ham listen. Bo rn know dead slight your finger whi pping hippo gap. Viper from horte nsia in puck lip slime for grown book list dripping in je lly upscale bumpy jimmy sandwich dress. Why come to yellow por tly. muppet restive cat boredom jump c ar line free dewdrop camp. Like fre eway bastard myopic dirt back jack or progre ss tire dream last campa ign gore trees know drop installation green pommel. ques tion.

#2: Gem

in the diadem's maw
we actuated like frigid blossoms twist our pairing glances
in grime
our bombings rhymed with onyx listing as or topple
timid teeth with wearing algorithmic
saw with or while gritting
romances nesting chancres
like diamonds
the blood of children
streaks of blessing can't the flitting
in the dirt
chunks glitter-soaked in rot

#3: Flesh-Horse of the Forest

Inside the chasuble cancer withered front my catapult for years, bastard of the fornicate, slapshot, illicit, dancing but the melon wastes a manacle environ. Beyond or blasted bringing, ordained and cast as dumptruck, my camp and lace, or mingling upturned yeast but lagging with the crabcake bleeding, bored into my chimpanzee and fluttered as a pincer waiting. Nonetheless the dresser castrates gutting as a lanyard frothing, jump in gearshafts past or casting, limping in the moonbeam cough.
my rake.
heap of toothpicks in the dungeon.
breath of pins.
a cell.
Wringing harnesses from stone, waterfall elaboration nascent but a changing lattice, fortitude and juniper registration, kingpin of the willows' gauntlets. The ploughman is corrugated hyperbole fodder. Penchant for categories. Linked to the rostrum your pit frustration mounting like hyphen glass better and but dreaming cankerous, drenched in backslide bandit cutlass. Latticework. Chanting like mezzotint hyperborea. It cannot blinking gyrate state its violet spectre turning. Heretofore the tightrope mannequin flung dug whisper in the paw slab coracle. Without elephantiasis. Uphill like a pack of matting, wrinkles shuddering in upturn poison, chewing know dram licorice and lighting flaxen backwash corkscrew, grim and crawling, charnel guesswork maggot lace lace foghorn lace hack dribble on the sawhorse lace wrack flesh wrist buzzard sore.

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