Monday, October 15, 2018

Joseph Bouthiette Jr. - LEGEND 104

Important information: “this one / wood / river”
Everything is here.
You love mom.
Positive: “follow all efforts.”
Everything is here.
But it is not possible.
What are we doing?
You do not know.
This is major.
Everything is here.
Give me more time, But it does not matter by my mother.
Tell me: eat.
Your job?
Also see.
You have a place.
July 20th.
But I appreciate you: "this one / late / maximum / faultless”
Do you see that?
Your house is not being processed.
The command is: “forgive me.”
I have seen mutual relationships.
Is there food?
I'm not sure you're not afraid.
I love you.
Important information: “do / not / think so”
You want that.
Important information: “it's for you.”
What is this religion?
I love you.
Get started.
You do not know: “easy.”
Positive: “you.”
Money and bets.
It does not matter.
View many people.
I said: “tell me / now”
I hope for you:

Dragmacidon lunaecharta. Agelas cervicornis. Artemisina melana. Neopetrosia subtriangularis. Cliona delitrix. Spirastrella coccinea. Asteropus niger. Geodia neptuni. Higginsia coralloides. Callyspongia fallax. Ectyoplasia ferox. Smenospongia conulosa. Myrmekioderma gyroderma. Spheciospongia vesparium. Desmapsamma anchorata. Calcifibrospongia actinostromarioides. Myrmekioderma rea. Stelletta pudica. Niphates alba. Ceratoporella nicholsoni. Agelas wiedenmayeri. Dysidea janiae. Chalinula molitba. Placospherastra micraster. Svenzea zeai. Ircinia campana. Auletta cubensis. Plakina jamaicensis. Pione lampa. Amphimedon compressa. Cribrochalina dura. Polymastia tenax. Cinachyrella kuekenthali. Amphimedon viridis. Neofibularia nolitangere. Aaptos pernucleata. Mycale laxissima. Axinella corrugata. Axinyssa ambrosia. Calyx podatypa. Hyattella cavernosa. Strongylacidon griseum. Igernella notabilis. Stelletta kallitetilla. Tectitethya crypta. Topsentia pseudoporrecta. Merlia normani. Amphimedon complanata. Geodia papyracea. Suberites aurantiacus. Ircinia strobilina. Oscarella nathaliae. Verongula reiswigi. Ptilocaulis marquezii. Svenzea cristinae. Cribrochalina vasculum. Dragmaxia undata. Cliona vermifera. Scopalina ruetzleri. Axinella morchella. Dictyonella funicularis. Halichondria melanodocia. Chalinula pseudomolitba. Monanchora arbuscula. Cliona aprica. Tedania klausi. Siphonodictyon xamaycaense. Didiscus oxeata. Xestospongia muta. Biemna cribaria. Plakinastrella onkodes. Leucaltis clathria. Dysidea etheria. Lissodendoryx isodictyalis. Smenospongia aurea. Phorbas amaranthus. Halisarca caerulea. Cervicornia cuspidifera. Chondrosia collectrix. Spirastrella hartmani. Chelonaplysilla erecta. Aplysina fulva. Axinyssa yumae. Ptilocaulis walpersii. Erylus formosus. Terpios belindae. Chondrosia reniformis. Plakortis angulospiculatus. Prosuberites laughlini. Callyspongia vaginalis. Pandaros acanthifolium. Leucetta floridana. Niphates digitalis. Aiolochroia crassa. Neopetrosia rosariensis. Batzella rubra. Desmanthus incrustans. Lissodendoryx sigmata. Topsentia ophiraphidites. Dragmacidon reticulatum. Hyrtios cavernosus. Oceanapia bartschi. Iotrochota birotulata. Hyrtios violaceus.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Jim Leftwich - Rewriting Marianne Moore's "Poetry"

Poetry, written by Marianne Moore when she
was 32, re- and un- written by me, while I am
62 (I can only imagine what might have been
her excuse)
by Retorico Unentesi

I too an eye tooth, a disk like it there are: things
things that are
there are
that are
important pork, ports and portals, imported,
imported beyond
all this riddle of fiddles, fads and faddle,
this rattling of cats and cattle.
Reading it, rereading it, raiding it, it however,
it howl, it fever, it never, it now, ever an owl,
it howling
with (wolf), with a woman. in. the. house. With
a Witch In The House. with a prefect coin-toss
for it,
with a purr fleck coin tempt
tation, for it one, disk
that there
in it,
in it,
there is in it after all,
a palace for generic urine,
for the genes of genuine urine.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Christopher Barnes - Five Poems

1. An Unpaused Hour

Nine tings chase sanity.
Our guru twiddles
A crow’s sequined wings.
Passions jump off wheezes,
Dashed at the holdall’s flames.
Breath-sucks gyrate the room.

2. Bar 64

A Jagger-lipped ox
Smirks in its float-bowl.
The lampstand’s crimsoning.
“Quirks,” underbreaths our tiddly guru,
“Aren’t without their suns”.

3. Breakfast Ritual

Our guru tub-thumps Ouija learning
Into an atom that coggles.
The rubber shark’s dulceting
“Mack The Knife”.

The Ground Of Being’s egohood
Watusi’s tailwards.
High-muckety, we TLC our sanctified protocols.

4. Financial Break, No Cheques

This megacosm flumps –
An undisplayable apparition.
We’re diluted by marvelment.

The journey’s butt is an oblivion-fresh
String-puppet butterfly
That coaxes dust
In the attic of our mind fuzz.

Our guru belches –
A pixie’s stage whisper.

5. The Mediator’s Art

You’ve unfolded these Vanity Fair bodies
Spanning into destiny’s lap.
Poppycock has no improving.
Thighs of our guru’s apostles
Shall be gunked
By Dolly, the sponge-puff mermaid.

Xanadu’s here, well-earthed.