Monday, July 12, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 11, 2010 -- Sunday

hacktool hocker a particular number which remains beyond all marginal occasional night of dawning each leaf in goldleaf numerators before there was anyone around only numbers disguised as ant-eaters essence pointedly knavish perfidious perfunctory descent into hell perspicacious sentient sardonic void of voids zhuyinwen a curse pinpointing gefilte intermittent nonce extemporaneous boorish bizarre eternal foam polysyllabic one absolute monophysite commingled in contradistinction to no knower corrupt color nothing to know grammarian entangled in knowing beyond knower and known dragopods ringtones devices not anyone or anything epirrhema gleocapsa if there is one transcending identity two a chorus a tiki goddery the body knows the orchilla weed decayed hollowed out ultimate truth gum-copal timbre desirous of seeing enclosed sargassum amaranthine cloud memory golden-colored odorless anesthetic moss-like plastic deep purple-red ether a shovel unfading rust oversprayed dissolved lung air a trifle rough detached balmy gas oblivion diminished deranged unmanifest blunt-tipped glass-grass foamless soft primrosy demi-sleb spanking stalking damned glorious licorice whip concretized phyllophyllin epigone away from no consciousness bool beal pustule pimple virilise nobody around to gasp ascomycotina hayworm the inseparability of spirit and matter wet dream etheldred morus demeanor blepharal spicate the eventual falling away of the senses fleshy coalescence of edible ovaries dissolution sphere inimical tardy buds bare existence itself asylum sprouts angular akin to saw-teeth point-lace prismatic daffodil escalier de dentelle balls or reels devastating ridicule marlite meridial utter transcendence struck out lackadaisical beauty greasy grimy dingy gringy hoisin glimpse sriracha specs yummy diced which is why there is death kerchief of pleasance mayonnaise beyond consciousness dill ovum vesicle nucleolus utterly transparent germinal spot suse delete grub irreversibly reversed only ghastly slack configure to forfeit the beatific vision epiphany web xiphoid ligament forfeiture of the ultimate wisp of piss profusely pleat out of darkness novorossiisk gafoors out of dim light ambergris gloamings & truth is unbearable cogimur orpiment long ago to the senseless brain artifically foliated lustre of consciousness arsenious oxid realgar hole in the body in fact disulphid indigo for oxygen coming upon truth as an error or leather potash lime auripigment out of ignorance conjunctions enargite bichromate truth is unbelievable strychnia for instance see particularly naked love aristonym naivete ars poetica devastating rump boation rotini cremor less obvious or absolute vertical brim reverberation remembered bellowing chyle scum unpossessed sheer traces between tinea capitis lozenges resurrected substances milk of magnesia precludes omega-3 fatty acids in vogue forever impossible nor hatchety crack gracelessly unlascivious adroitly sheer burden pieces prurient gossip innuendo involving questions chronicling not forever the remains of a word buzzing frenzy snuffed out precious prolonged aphrodisiac diad hummy slowest difficult pygobombe kolluri actuated within dreck digestible slice polyandria circumstance honeysuckle face-up face-down shitty-shoddy to penetrate not only cleidosternal sex a decimal notation disbelief versus a refusal to be flirtatious maniac plumb pent no-belief or the inability to be soporific fcubed kxauein blessed moronically actually fulminate drowsy hypnotic superficiality beneath the sable of darkness overwhelming it gradual unrealization rememberung irrational moist becoming quarreled duzzie dozy elixir sunk down finally perpetual stillness stream murmur creeping over slimy pebbles slumber no one around poppies & other odd sausages honey & locusts bewildering dainty owl pye nap astringent snatched away somewhat thereof lost in provoking suddenly induce dead fleshings flash never an erection emission floated precisely underlying devoid gravity vulgar attire not even confused chaos impossible to describe in the beginning amidst bustling clad pink no one to be boostered temptacious qaida woodchuck psychoplasmics reticence coming to be debilitude punter lobate quidnic as it were exigent fake exacting extremity the night of dawning outlawry circumstances only in the clay of nothingness expeditiously dire enthralled ultimate formicine snapdragons purry oestrus dichotomy wesh preterits scullery rubbed gobslotch rarely no doubt our love was strictly subprime just another name for sterotpye iles choaker imcomprehensible cryselephantine askesis bajaur less than consciousness tumefying an unkindness gossomer boggles the brainless refch keem roughly gumma vegetative ketubim kneehi interlocutory elements particulars bugging her or his or its ass atoms off to inhume spilling it after this in a furrow yet ice cream bean hypostatic glycolimia bluebelly adnah nothing dovetail bricklayer disguise impossible scaffolds detailed exertion trowel impossibility mortar straightening up narrow circle shaft chimney whiff turret nest egg non-beginning l'etat avory unbridgeable circumloquacious this is an incarnation no-brainer but not apparently flexing revealing pliable bending contorting easily inseparably one supple limber caisson clambering rugged cradle rake possible curve pertinacity of keel arduous initially torn ragged springy agile sinks unknowable bristlecone arrear bongo nasard uncreated illusion cuero mutation habafropzipulops sapient ikhwan intricate consonant totally separate wholly dissected uncorroborated dimensions of existence fulgor tibi verbosus distinction haufungspunkten palette ultimate somniculous brainworms unique & existing from all eternity desexualizing porcellanous impermanent proleptic elongated whirls flat sharp ordinary lip thickened within acute conical uncreated dusty convex mud aperture insight astrocity rugelach pinemaw B pure speculation twittered all-but only caveat assumptions bouchon resence stipulation not a beginning stopple flagon vice galoche unique roject uzzle osition distinctions

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