Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 poems || Hugh R. Tribbey

Marx slaughters authoritative choral ritual press visceral wriggle influential enable fulfill celebrate violated create bosque take trades evaporated develop fellow yellow slowly sweet meet reveal trees believe unequivocal hungry public unleash reproduction ultimate cut programmatic mode enormous author terror ulterior historical scribbled wrists ashes assume feckless nurse sage shock chords profile inscribe paradise minor found background absence madmen sad pagan range reader entertain theater bleed helter skelter early hell



continue vivisecting costs

detect metal entrance

violate the suave looney

all fondling and pharmaceuticals

rest in a tempest of devolution

Elvis commences soup

entry to elementary corridors

a chilly bailiff lacerates

cans of obscure munchies

late gators in brilliant agues

staccato toads lay past errors

lace Monsanto con tricks

a primer for twine and roses

a dunce in a coma nine tiers deep

from the sex guns of wine robots

comes the voice of the marine

the tense vines under the tropics

an incendiary ampule

my case tunes my tiara

my major tune grand oboes

color the silver avenue

guano veins the notch marks

visit blank verdicts

assume long ago illuminations

serenade marine commies

no quiet planetary chamomile

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