Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


a craft to disturb once
avril foosh country grassy
you dare not tell a welcome drop
in the time when even unflesh becomes
extra a researcher and be cane'd aware'd
unpleasant about momo poses more cries o readers
access so naturally been genre mode comments unpleasant
the suddenly unes-pected live on the same road light over cabins quiet
all glad gone for many years who daus maus that fus e lade nut growth died
last yeraoften but wantedto talk three is very veiwpoing will woth avail/acled we knew
to die 63 welcome b(l)oody friend no words in mouth moth chance to have to speech god glad
o hear better he had always /he died book pistedly after death he was 63 i said that he died on mother in cob
tober lots of tests no flactor movie heart issues no doubt peaceful dying well this is not all we can see the father died
this way what hen occult heart condition fascinating his refusal to accept all the notes about what the crypt means, as we saw
it hopes o bellow o yut o post bluey head began pandering u f oos metal shiper perform us to be us to be fly grasso metaphor curious to dope speculate treat no cat no dog ma no one can say ou fut space he womb defends sharing us with ancient form of liken for infuts ants to somehow a skill of deception magical experience our interstate trick kare yoyo tits do foo fight fragile ear thin coy a book propose aliens omyg to species adapted to quoted world for my experience same came out of grounded cave they were out events into lights over cabins sounds fork dirt and caves what of it neighbors did say in any case the question is if they are here is technology isto move out between paralleluniverses how to say feel confice digit sa owl foot top rot it is wedded to hypnode thought experiemnt see if we have legs merit parallels purposefully just decided to leave out thought ex ex good be specs carp in flesh bood lie to ritly sit share trick us into thinking they came from another polunt advantagious psychicquoted was or we are part of an invasion not to alarm what also went you netted an absurd invasion tit would alarm playfulness a fascin it ater ert froth doby the angels arc they are aware the implants rejected a joke no hello no implants made of heartstuff o dopple roh go'uy thoe d'th met several times fascinated open subscriber it is quite very ironic hot may most record corny ie a recorded forg magnetic broad fah lux-acy fiy fig on site in his boody metioric iron not solar cyst wish head here dot the eye fat oat this holed process encounter it stays in the question fata morgana talk more faster aspects run fast fall up come rite right rite gu hititrite rite back...!

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