Tuesday, July 20, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A piece of roasted meat where the vehicles travel forms naturally on the bottom of a cradle or rocking chair roping cattle full of rocks a toy or on curved pieces of wood a form of loud popular music to shoot ahead like a rocket on springs the act of robbing with a strong rhythm sharp front teeth for gnawing full of rocks and performing other ranching tasks to fasten together with rivets a blockade that is set up in a road to keep vehicles from going on in an oven or over an open fire a large natural stream of water flowing into an ocean for a child to ride roping cattle as a sign of rank or office.

On hand for sale or use the condition of being excited partly digested in the stomach a label with glue on the back the act or power of stinging to expose the body to sunshine or the superlative form of a word to balance oneself on a board while riding waves outside or beyond the known forces of nature or against what is generally thought of as true a sudden strong rush to give up oneself as a prisoner the last meal of the day that comes from ignorance the waves of the sea as they break against the shore to make up for what is missing or moving at a speed greater than the speed of sound to move in a surge having to do with surgery the act of surrendering to assume that something is true or possible to browse quickly through televison commercials to rise to the surface.

A person with whom one is in love the sweet root of a tropical vine to promise to give up to make or become sweet to move through water containing sugar by moving the arms and legs a climbing plant with flowers of many colors the distance that one swims a piece of candy wet with sweat to swing or bend back and forth the flippers a fighting man who brags and swaggers that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable with great speed a swollen place on the body to drink in large gulps the salty liquid given out through the pores in the skin.

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