Thursday, July 29, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 29, 2010 -- Thursday

ecstasy suspension consciousness dries sateen finish stress spikelets pedicelled succulent pith oblong tapering slightly droopy fawn cessation of the unconscious reflexive mechanism prolonged sustained lapse into phenomenal pure sensory perception totally fallen away immediate vehicle crossing over beyond polt friable inhale pulverized morass rollicking agile senses without Qoheleth burps inner distress hoodwinked's deepest true error deception unknowning rasp gasp intuitive articulate caviling demigod adapa ladybug byous tumble signals lunguage epigastric deictic o'clock tretis sow-skin bowget bouge bouche ixora onora antejentacular beevor montmorillonite illite tschermigite scantlings cyclohexanol bishoply pinxter cerebric sugar-bean brabbler spat lufsom amebocyte kumiss stagnation faux songless blue crabgrass captious epicuticular thlipsis ecthoraeal clastic spiral torsion coccyx ischiorectal false perineum blotches buttbone rancidity dissolution irreversible within-ness phenomenal inner flame inconsequential neither immanent transcendent foam exact matter dichotomy distinction circumference chromogenic hipparchia gast rue the night coptic uberous ghast bundobust jilted spongy attuned to interstitial absolute immovable vortexical transient suspended giggles beatific dildonics spiciferous death traversed entails entrails anaphor lirismo cylinders habbe steles motile disks burial mound snouk trapezoids rappel down pore wrangling indulging in rods welter bumbling fledgling rivethead crackerjack chortling cheesed-off rimpling

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