Wednesday, July 21, 2010

from 'war' || Andrew Topel

clone phony phones honing one bun band grand bandy Band-Aid lemonade brandy sandy brand bandeau bandana banana bonsai brigade nard shards card shark hark slough slow sows cow coffee coffle scuffle cuff cough sarcophagus archaeopteryx instructions for the construction of destruction constriction contraction satisfaction action pact pack packrats package wreckage peak peacock pock Pocahontas haunts us saunter paint saint sing like Bing Crosby Cosby Show Crosby Stills & Nash gnash Nashville Tennessee Tennessee Williams gash gusher Usher George Bush hush brush cushion mush mushroom baboon consume summer number umber amber gambler bamboo stew shoehorn acorn abnormity barroom anomy animated animosity glossy anatomy synchrony Abram abeam steam storeroom broom norm brome biro spiral spire attire spitfire desire solidifier lid slid a little brow now gown grown gourmet soufflé contraire confrere spear éclair eclectic election select rejection dejected eject neglect collection ecliptic ellipse lapse clasp lisp whisper hiss kisser thistle whistle heist poltergeist shiest feisty fiesta zest crest encrust dust must magnify magpies sigh sing singe a ninja binge hinging habitat abs absolute retribution no solution to pollution abolition intuition tuition superstition ignition mission mansion ham & eggs scrambled scam shambles ramble single shingles ingle mingle bangle bungle dingle dial smile versatile agile argyle miles bialy while bile vile violent silent lentil mantle rants mantis rain dance enhance expansion explanation patient patience latex later letter ladder batter bladder blotter blather blaster latter rather lather leather feathers whether weather withers the fissure for sure remains a blur concur curdle cradle ladle label lab slab skirt squirrel burrow tomorrow for sorrow borrow arrow scarecrow Roe v. Wade everglade escapade escalade parade grenade renegade remade lemonade palladium stadium radium shady spades Hades invaders haters elevators escalators renovators innovators instigators perpetrators infiltrators traitors traders pagers pagination imagination aggravation anticipation space station Dalmatian exclamation acclamation collimation acclimation animation degradation gradation graduation radiation Haitian violation annihilation litigation bitter Boston exhaustion exhaust cost dost decline your own kind blind mind wind grind be kind rewind confined confusion conclusion collision incision occlusion obtrusion obstetrics hectic check Chex hexagon see vexation duck crux implore C. Delores Tucker sucker pucker up butter cup supper dup defrag rags maggot sagging ragged target stagger tiger dagger dragging dragons across lagoons Taggard tangent haggard niggard nagger filament fulgent gentleman diligent ligament latent elegant filament plangent plan plant manager manger mangy mangle angles strange angels Bengal seagull waffle cough toffee coffin plopping aplomb comb womb leant lament lemon emend Lemont agent legend Largent sergeant largest charge engorge gorges lagan sagging elements sell a mint agent agar egger anger auger aggress bagger greet German germs worms vermin version germane pain dopamine durian upraised

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