Saturday, July 17, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

after Peter Ganick's text: grit mammal, the forc his eon stranger...

inner o, inner o cluster, grit a, grit a grommet blue, a grit a grommet thorough blue, though precedent, blue than's inner stranger, the etude precedent, inner cluster blue, blue stranger etude, those crust though etude aura thorough a, grit cluster, o inner, a o, a than's, a grit inner cluster grit blue, grit a though inner, inner aura cluster etude though, though a grit, crust a than's, a those, a the, a inner, o cluster a inner o, inner though grit a grit a

thorough his, thorough his though either, though either blue than's a eon, a mammal precedent, inner the eon a cluster curio, those crusts though, his aura, nominal, stranger, etude of grommets, etude grit, o though, o a, o than's a, an inner, a mammal, a the, the a, the a the than's, either than's, than's his, than's than's the eon, a eon blue, his strange nominal grit-grommet o, the inner than's mammal, the those, the though those, aura those, his aura those, those strange, thorough either, his crust blue than's, than's inner,

mammal impropriety, o grommet grit, those than's, o o, tho o, those o, his those o inner mammal grommets, his inner mammal, his stranger inner mammal, his stranger inner mammal etude, either nominal etude, than's inner etude, etude aura of gritty grommets, blue precedent, either thorough blue inner grommet-precedents, cluster a blue stranger, eon precedent, either his nominal mammal, his inner those, though, grommet grit, o stranger nominal blue grommet cluster of his inner (nominal) mammal, inner mammal aura of either his grit, his grommet, or his than's,

thoroughly blue, o those inner blues, than's though grit blue crust cluster of nominal eithers, either eon, eon aura, stranger eon aura, thoroughly either, grommets of either, tho either grommet is nominal, tho thru, tho thru the impropriety of the etude, thoroughly etudish, curio eon, etude curio, thoroughly a curio, his curio, his curio aura, those nominal than's, than's inner crust cluster, blue grit, blue-blue, blue-blue curio cluster, inner cluster of blue, nominal blue, nominal blue inner precedents, his cluster of blue impropriety, tho o, nominal blue impropriety, his clusters of precedents, though a precedent, o eon

crust, nominal crust, either crust, thorough crust, those crusty clusters, mammal crust, blue crust, inner crust, crusty precedent, than's crust, o crust, grommet crust, crusty aura, etude crust, than's crust clusters, clusters of than's, nominal mammal crust, either blue crust, blue grommet crust, thoroughly crusty, crust crust crusty, clusters of grommets, than's either, o crust clusters of either than's, thorough than's, than's inner aura, mammal etude, those crusty etudes, his eon crust, those than's his eon grit, o those grit clusters, o grommet clusters of grit, though grit, though thoroughly through grit, either than's aura of his inner mammal grit, either of those thoroughly grit clusters of his inner etude,

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