Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 texts || Bob BrueckL

July 26, 2010 -- Monday

warp funt an aphasic to the ichth -- it's sooo gude -- hypoglossi prickle, slatternly dandyish, geal gad unrouged, soofee shinee yawn, dainty sunket dado, pistic blaps inundant with wagati yology borzery, gelsemic aspersory, exilic adelite, nodular imago, rucksack fixion, exundant cathead ironstone incongruence, tilt-up lucigen pierced syngenic: love yha, archetypal mesto nucleospindle, electrolier

July 27, 2010 -- Tuesday

paragrandine nummular pudicity encopresis graupel rivethead firstling offspring snowdrop aconite gilt spangles bleakest antecedent ox-sinew ruff psalterium skewers sqaloid sky-flow acanthous caprine taciturn crapola sempiternal temerity lacuna rewet arrears harquebus chessylite azurite gtrelated manyplies poodle pegs ruminant fribbler coxcomb trifler dolt pyrethrum feverfew pappus norture reprouable vermian smyrniot tipple curvilinear vizor goads prick-timber

July 28, 2010 -- Wednesday

loophole cross-shaped pistil dark orange gray pasty mustard vivified dank yellow burnt pale metallic dry ice deep-gold remnants' kneaded rubber eraser tubes abrading sunburnt chamois ointment soot & charcoal pantylus convening euphony: ajaja ajaja anhinga nycticorax nycticorax -- night raven somnipathy, crisp withering underbelly iodizer "refudiating" scraggly bittersweet nightshade's giveem lethargy -- puppy paps limned pellucid, alpenglow's lypothymia

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  1. i really relate to your work. thanks for contributing...i am new to and love the blog....not new to writing like his --done since the 60's...but new to awareness of others' doing similar..thanks again. jim leftwich got me into the blog, and into so many visual and musical opportunities, as well. keep up the super work... bbb