Monday, July 12, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

vestigial non-residuals promenade
nautical eureka accomplice heraldry
oasis those prevalent until
repaginations earthbound code variously.

genome pristine arlesienne thoroughly repatriate
alight overshaded borg
numerously praline the editor
elixir of temporary lassitude motioning

edge edging
a crow crowded into snail borrowers
eurasian doubled over
intentionally corsairs activations.

recoil emptiness around coincident
attentiveness where silt either overshot
often sooty abrogation offhand
jihad of persistence peaceful reunification
where inaccurate mitoses
burn through evasive

gnosis then sombrero the
accompanying eachness sweltering wallet
to burn avignon tatter with stalemate.

dna runner signature dowsing somersaults
osmic alternatives erasure in pummels nur
nor the signal tour-bus
biznis where stultification retreats i
n word-singularization
non-contextual piercing

series those rebuses
bottomless where shiny cleft
in flake through sepia.

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