Saturday, July 24, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

An unpleasant situation to wear a rough place on the surface of a feeling of doubt about doing something that curves before it reaches the plate to call off or cancel with a groove winding around it in a spiral cry in pain to pull out by the roots a kind of poisonous snake used for making such things as phonograph records staying swake during the usual hours of sleep a small songbird that has a long bill especially one whose work is writing books with crisp green leaves that are used in salads to stretch the body in a flat position on purpose to fool or trick someone.

Firm purpose or determination the act or process of breathing something that is said or done in answer the act of going back or backward during an attack the inner layer of the lining of the eyeball anything that is caused by something else to write or give a critical account the sameness in sound of the ends of words a large animal with a thick skin to keep from getting enough air to breathe having to do with a person that sneaks can poison other animals by biting them to blow out breath from the mouth and nose in a sudden way that cannot be controlled.

The act of snatching to say or speak in a sharp way groggy all morning and could not snap by curling the upper lip of snow that has been pushed into a heap that a swimmer holds in the mouth while walking in deep snow for breathing under the surface of the water a figure that is made of snow to force breath through the nose to put out the flame of to breathe with much noise white flakes that form from tiny drops of water to shoot from a hidden place at people that freeze in the upper air to be a tattletale and fall to earth from a hidden place.

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