Tuesday, July 6, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 6, 2010 -- Tuesday

Concentrically enticed allurements submerged by lisps of slithering elisions,

lustrously swollen and conflated fractures pricked by twittering tints of fluctuating pulses,

shrill densities of twitching signatures dissolving into each other:

shut it, slooshy ptitsa droogs smecking tolchocked tocock, razrezzed sumph bdaddr owwwwwwwww, squelched squeal of offal zink affray, krovvy ruction of thrusty aduncity, Nijinsky's ilythiiri ajuga poiotes, lipophilic chorisis keckling gitau fleg,

vaporish drumsticks hockling mephitic fluff-gibs, cannei kickles' lackadaisical smokestack aprications, genussilybum avellere conchinamine, fringed hipstraps creeching viddy golosses deadening stultified zvooks of anti-orgasmic electrosymbiosis, doodleflaps flopping chug-chug as the harpy sun wheezes, thereat naked neural bosanquets droop zagzig zipzap corkscrews' syntactic torsion of hypoethral hyanenodon hexacanth's bulbous cackling, smug and snug, gardipee an omnific cadance that straddles the tatch of chillax dolemites' singed sweal duths, gleaned whippets horelated to babish platties of edentulous thicknesses surjected to milky jillgall clusters of cationic psoroptes' kergeulen termagant agiotage, rustic silvicolous, echinoprocta cinchona.

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