Sunday, July 11, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 10, 2010 -- Saturday

lineation skews the incoherence of fabricated exactness when the structures of consciousness are perfidiously treacherous and constantly scheming to beat up on the deceitfulness of the weather, whether true or not, aeromancy predicts the wreckage of fickle sundows in sulphurous havoc around the stolid sphinx's sphincter muscle scrutinizing the gaze of augury across wisps of cirrus clouds intuiting oneiromancy at the mercy of blind interpretations about death itself being in italics, the twittering zeitgeist of hardly motionless mobiles deturbing the airiest solar inflections of metemptosis hankering after the gimpy hacks in clogged arteries of bissextile opposites emiting long-coveted quoiters of cruftless permalinks quietly leaping upon Johnny Crappod's paws pivoting a round around the narrow flat braid of limping gaits very deep in artificial protrusions of gutless momentums without any eccentric agitation reaping swooning lambswool jacking lightened bog-eyed scrimps of juggled jugs severely sparing with or without too scanty questions which shouldn't argue the cheeky point about cavalier purse strings twanging the sow's thirteen teats in a pinch of swollen fraxinus tomentosa swaggering a glint in the sockeye of hairy hara-kiri botching disemboweled apoptosis being eliminated by phagocytosis, a cell death in which the spastic unit utilizes cellular machinery to eviscerate itself as bowels dangle out and protrude, sucked down by gravity's unfumbling meat cleaver yanking the plug on proverbial bubbe, gutting her palaeozoic poetics with hansa yellow outbreaks of miffed noises unstrapping inaccessible subducts of arithmetical withdrawals subtracting sinlessness itself cheating on dissed disimagined ventriloqual octane an octave lower than the tip of your arched tongue regurgitating beams of moonlight, exquirere dysacousia, an unreal totality in which nothing remains to be diverted in a foolish bliss of void beyond love and joy discarding cartels of attached divisions coupling with butchery combing barzee perambulations on the ballet-ballast of the cliff's edge hatching lush horizons heaving tipsy slime molds refutating dislocated nicknames like flaneur and omniscient hypovolemic pusillanimity's unrhythmical rendering of rung cervical cords happily sashaying in the murated zones of tschuss illejo on the harmonic analyzer of the breathy Sabbath chaffing up against scraped fingerprints of scanned retinas & inner rectums' wrecked tangles literally beneath WCW's blushing wheelbarrow scooping up smidgens of urinous dustless juice & crushed roses of Tralee, plump purple plums with peculiar russet spots in the icebox depicting pigments of tremendously impacted wisdom teeth being extracted after flunked root canals reluctate out of the absurd sediment of eternal pie-eyed infomercials, polychorons of opinionated neoteny reverting to being diluted or eaten away by ions of acid...

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