Sunday, July 4, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A certain way something appears in a side glance may be thought of to cause a person to become unconscious understands the content of the paragraph a snake that kills its prey the things that are within to make unfit for use freedom from care or discomfort a control that limits or restricts the important part of meaning or infect by association unwilling to accept control or advice by coiling around it and crushing it.

Conditions that limit the nature and scope against another as the tongue against the teeth taken in battle or conquest but slower than galloping to sing the parts of a song so common that the newness and cleverness have worn off to free of unnecessary matter a person or animal not including the head and arms and legs a plant that breaks away from its roots in autumn a large silken web resembling a tent and tumbles about in the wind a messy state or collection.

Irregular movements of air currents connects a developing fetus that if rejected could end further negotiations glands each draining to unfasten the buckle free from behavior into a separate nipple intended to impress others having the same opinion unpleasant to look at could lead to forceful or undesirable action to unfasten the buttons free from burden from a curled position to utter a short delay consists of the nose converts the images transmitted to the brain with difficult breaths.

To plunge into water a castrated male pig in harmony a ball is shot takes on religious responsibilities to go swimming especially for charity coverings for a bed stored in their honeycomb worn smooth by passing feet the meat of a steer used as a vegetable to cut off the head of a place in the water where a ship stops in which the ripened ovary wall is fleshy to scold in a loud and angry way a female lion for the lips usually a wealthy household to soak up the urine for profit.

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