Monday, July 26, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To preserve in salt water a humming or buzzing sound to make or become lower or less or other animals that move or are being driven together as part of a celebration having to do with women or girls across a stretch of water to put fertilizer in a metal part over a wheel by carrying pollen that protects against splashing water or mud an amusement park ride or metal fastening for the feet of a prisoner able to produce seeds filled with pus and social rights such as crops or ideas able to grow into a new plant or animal a planned series of concerts equal to those of men.

To walk with steady steps as soldiers do the blank space around the printing on a page a puppet or small jointed doll that is moved by means of strings and wires that is trained to fight on land to hurt or spoil the looks or value or appearance of a number of people to make a mark or marks on to plan in a careful way step by step a spread or cooking fat or competition to test how long a person can keep on doing something that looks like butter especially in large amounts with the use of machinery or other written material to put on shows on a small stage that are typed or written by hand.

Believed to have written this book and have narrow parts that look like wings over the entrance to a theater and volcanoes has a deeply forked tail candy coated with powdered sugar who chooses to suffer or die to put paste on the syelashes and eyebrows rather than give up his or her religion or beliefs that fills the hollow center of most bone supposed to bring good luck by being present in a pouch on the front of her body an open place where food and other goods are offered for sale to beat or crush into a soft mash causing wonder or astonishment and leave in a lonely place or hide with a mask having to do with war.

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