Sunday, July 25, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 23, 2010 -- Friday

sippet to dart about tunc blockhead fessum dolt chunk mawmsey capricious rear flipper viscous spork hairstreak startling it has balls bottom plewds unslung steeve tirl quibusdam soupon hyghe corkscrew crassum coracoidal irestone titlark banter parsley minced lodestar anodyne yottabyte septillion zettabytes zaftig pencil zebibyte squid wild indigo duskywing scrimshaw buttered dumpy plasma cuculla ipsedixitism undyed dalmatic frock almuce dispense surplice oic cranial mistral scan erodes droplets fretting quixotic condescending lipiodol diamond flyover till wildhead heptagon shoddy blink huh aegypiidae eclaircissement obscure lineaments plump drit odal crapnel eglise pitch rotund tubby zoftig hailstone zithering drupes fat susceptive hyperlite capsize korpikoskis vachss curtsy jackass latitudes demurrage steeplechases suffuses hindhout sarcophagi feuilletee celacanthidae grapnel flukes grapple shank toothless brach tctiale whizz effigy crucifix astringent vermifuge nepenthe seedy diuretic lanky scotophilic wool lorgnon dojinshi stuffed phyllochronogen ununhexium obloquy cubit pettifogging deuce ureide horslips transuranic tacky spit convoluted pelvis triangular d'ya sleazy sorra israelity tawdry shoddy flimsy blowzy cheesy dingy imperforate alveolitis condigne unlashing jervaise's crassulaceae miaphysite stonecrop succulent organ grinder concolvulus euphony pervinca nyula glow gleam flash pygoscopo pfleger mock boint granular neutrophil phagocytic leukocyte fugly stat infragistics battue mulatter bubblis colmoor ungrooved blaze stare flameout char rancid dazzle stick shine dilatable gawking prance basso electroshock purges ester mofussil wheals xanthelasmoidea lugoboy rubescent titlicker friggin catarrhal iscandaroon contrivance sociofugal heshy contradictionary rosy-assed prop holy crap erysipely bowsprit cargo keel moonshine marchaundyse lunkhead gawk louer freke stif fole leude ichth stout wattle daubed yuh nephrite jade sticking grinch schemer oisif hihi factual freakish balsaraft crotchety fickle effectuation incomeyeos dorodango sisihin eau d'ouche tear shrink buckle warp longevity radiant violet pumice metal alloy shock pink light smudging sanguine is a reddish-brown color like sienna and sepia is a yellowish-brown resembling umber hinged tin box sgrafitto violent orange pale deckled winkle ultra Mars purple pearl gray petrified off white a l'ecu "yarka" bright & vibrant 6ix sack sox sex sucks smudged or dissolved granular unless stout gopher pith mint hemp nips snowfences vaseline ham dives acrylic moan noun veins dome balustrade enamel pent-up drizzly hatch purr kneecaps tine culled prune pallbearer's tome

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