Tuesday, July 6, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Familiar friends not eaten by the bird and friends and relatives where vegetables are grown with the lips as a mark of love or greeting flying in the air for household use a relative usually by birth in loving touch with the lips a piece in checkers that has reached the opponents back row a person who kisses at the end of a long string.

A set of parts to be put together of a king having brown skin in a sympathetic manner suited to a king in a new body after death slightly tart green flesh in an obliging manner and bright feathers with wide sleeves used to prop the vehicle in the form of urine or oven in which rebirth of the soul is hardened with a broad sash as an outer garment growing out of gentleness instead of hit with a bat spoils the pleasure of others the lock of a gun that is pressed used chiefly at the end of a sentence to release the hammer so it will fire.

The yellow inner part of the egg to be productive especially to the taste or have ideas for the future can multiply when inside the cell of an organism the people living in a village a field of grapevines a usually hidden computer program used to flavor or preserve foods turned out for the parade ranking below an earl who has not has sexual intercourse that eats insects changed by human activity causes harm by making copies of itself with long hollow fangs above a baron and inserting them into other programs.

A watch held over the body of a dead person an advance to first base after four balls a slow way of moving a horse often indented with a pattern of folded money or puff of air full of jokes a homeless child for making waffles by stepping through water a long cry of grief to walk with short steps labored in the field tests are done has a call resembling laughter to put a word or words on a person who rows a boat a state of doubt or confusion hidden from view.

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