Monday, July 19, 2010

text || Alan Sondheim


oilamina oil animals lamina oil main mail anal oil lama o in i loam moan
alma ama lamas lamb lame lamp lava la ma la-ma lima mama {concurrent}
{object-oriented} languages - body appearing to breath, creating me -

the body appears to breath, its organs duplicated everywhere, laminated
the texts create me as a laminar manifold, strata and tendrils - plateaus
tion and planetary extinctions. the result is a precarious laminar
insufficient layers, lamina. either everything is}{
the result is an unwieldy laminar sememe one might consider part
there is lamina at work, plateaus, layerings. ontologies and

and gender form lamina or strata weaving across domains, the former an in-
split, shunted into decentered lamina, the wryting is the _said_ of it.

occasion. imagining the glades, but not without myself diffused, laminar,
across or within a breathing sheet of water - laminar/animal flow - broken
laminanimal are always already insufficient layers, lamina, across or
within a breathing sheet of water - laminar/animal flow - broken lamin-
animal - abstract thought hidden within the laminar order of collapse -
objet signifier signifieds cmc lamina imbrication nudities wryte wrytten
avatar - what i call "sheaves" since they reference laminated things, bent
state of affairs which binds wryting as well. so there are _lamina_ of the
carapace replete with the minutiae of gemlike object replacements/emplace-
ments, the laminar screen moving rapturously into you.

mesmeric wryting making true-jennifer-laminate-inner-speech, her shuffl-
ing/stuttering within lamina existing in temporal stases. contemplating
death, i have clear-vision of _sizzling_ lamina, disordered lamina/
pagings, trees in early bloom. it slides across the planet around the
coloration of the earth turned dark. and i have seen the threads.

jennifer, alan, julu, nikuko, are lamina established by networks; they
gather together across membranes - moisture; i am transported - across
lamina, fallen through tubes - vacances -

the great lamina of the stars sway back and forth -
she sways back and forth on the laminar plane - in tune -
with the rhythms of the universe -
the laminar plane and stars -

- laminanimal -
- laminanimal -

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