Monday, February 19, 2018

John Pursch - Catfish Knock-Up Negligee

Nibbling on squirreled potato, Lola sneaks double-four hammer noggin peanut wheeze at incoming bystander, fleecing known philatelist for groping gallop, frisked calliope, canonical muskrat pinch. Now wad she all floss and fluster, figurine a bastion-bobble nincompoop of daisies, marigolds, poinsettias, pinstripe bombardier imbroglio, catfish knock-up negligee, corn-town manufacture.

Swig battalion noose to seven-score punch, morphing cobbled opacity of overlook impasto, finished off by severed onset cowpoke blintz. Bazooka breath blows by her sloughed-off year, impact frog a no-show canned by beagle fender, basted pylon over monkey.

Sawed-Off Susie fixate easement what lean off total fitness Geronimo in technicolor forgery, flicker-light to neon freighter, minuscule amortized oil, forward cookie reminisce to dime-store workload, gravel HQ south of Ordinary Umbrage, Waist Scopolamine; flimsy disregard to Savory Hoaxia, pickled hovercraft nod.

"Eyesore!" screaming swordfish tangled floozy posse fringe umbilical, grapeshot shifting triplicate malign, paprika papering wallet machine. A kit, a cadre skim, cartwheeling catamaran collapsing quietly in shaven tee-shirt pundit, spurting segue cheese.

Egret Frank he sleep a night a week a porpoise crease to ballyhoo in lullaby of balky babes, six to a bunk, freckled mosquito knees awkward in pumps, scattered landfill hidden squeak, lumpy crowbar fish amendment, spirochete a pipsqueak hunt, swan-sung Nubian agility.

"He got enormity, doobie codfish cantilever hilltop spot, stopwatch swab a-tween a teeny atropine amorphous ageless mine, fabled mitten underpants, gimpy pool hall escapee," warbles King o' Gang-a-Ruminant, Singed Wad Phlegm in Ancient Heaven Seize to Gums and Traveling Cavalcade Wad Mossy Pie-Clam Torpedo Beak Dipsomaniacal Heterodyne Ipanema Dish Robe.

"Swaddling title, hefty doze have sewn to pocket pellet poultice!" schemata Underlying Umpty, once a lofty snow-cleft codified by groupies, croupiers, sibylline ceramic sparks, musty burning rum in fumigated scarf.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky - six poems

1. they fly like heretics in the tall grass

charcoal, who bent the spinal dawn,
      snuck into the basement
  through the backyard garden,
            snakes falling like juice
on the grateful card game
             johnny says where tho are the chips
  they lie where they fall but i have found any
    werk that right or wrong don't matter
      tuned partly to new party moxy.
when hammy nixon plays harmonica,
        they fly like heretics in the tall grass
              perks of long light and antimatter
    tuned partials to the heart of the melody
              micro-waved flags in final tonality of proxy
    exploited epoxy fixed didacts hummdrummin down
                   the cotton trail
to the forgotten docks and textile mills
           (listening to Pharoah Sanders Love In Us All),
    hard-boiled barbecued flags
        on the back burner a yard-long pox
                          yet somewhere there's a place for us
   a place mat a replacement a sphinx of a different color
           the sphincter muscled tightened in protest & opposition

december 2017

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mark Young - Ludovicanus does Deutsche Disney

Wink: I'm looking for scientific papers / books on Disney (especially with regard to gender / gender roles). About tips I would be very happy. : Hug:

I want my undergraduate work like writing about the representation of the female gender role, probably by a comparison of the films Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent. I wanted only to Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs & The Ice Queen - Completely unabashed write, but since my supervisor said that I should come up with a good reason why exactly the two movies. They were extremely successful & were therefore seen by many children unfortunately not enough there. As a comparison of the different representations of the characters from Sleeping Beauty might be justified better. A few books I have, however, is a bit thin.

 The work has been completed, graded and defended orally. Who wants to read time, can send me a message, I will send then a Dropboxlink to work as a PDF. :-) 
 You wrote in the short time your Diss ?! : dd 

 : Giggle: ne, as far as I am not. If the Bachelor thesis: Laughing Until Diss it is far ... 

but Warste still fast. Here is estimated to half a year for. 

 What rating would it? 

 In the note there are two numbers that are also used for programming in the computer language. ;) 

 Komische mixture. How was the Teilnotef├╝r work. That you should but out with the report. 

 : Jump: jump: top: Congratulations and super interesting topic

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A.J. Huffman - Four Poems

1. The Mindless Newscaster

rattled on about someone seeking sanctuary,
and I thought aren’t we all seeking something?
Then flash/break (no segue here) he was off
on some poorly written (and even more poorly read)
diatribe about a maroon sedan speeding backwards
in rush hour traffic.  I so know that feeling! 
I actually laughed out loud when the video
rolled, and some microscopic box-shaped blur
criss-crossed the screen.  Who shoots this stuff
anyway? [Dramatic music pause]  Breaking
news:  the weekend weather is going to be crappy,
with a slight chance of an upgrade to barely passable
by Sunday evening.  Oh Goody!  I sigh
as the next picture shown (before commercial)
is a copper-toned sunset behind a moss-covered stone.
At least I’m not the only one rolling
nowhere fast.
Oh, a new reality show!  Suddenly my life
didn’t seem so bad after all.